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Not until a few years ago, all religious workers had to apply under the Essential Skills work instructions when applying for their work visas, as there was no tailored set of instructions for religious workers. That created difficulties as they were not engaged in employment in the traditional sense, and also because their "employers" relied on donations to keep their organisation running. That did not sit well with the Essential Skills work instructions and it was like trying to put a square peg through a round hole. Immigration New Zealand recognising this problem updated its instructions in 2010 to create a new category to dedicated for religious workers.


  • meet general requirements; and
  • meet sponsor requirements; and
  • meet qualification requirements.

General requirements

General requirements include paying correct application fee, using prescribed Immigration New Zealand form, meeting health/character requirements, and being a 'bona fide' (genuine) applicant. In addition, you must not have held a work visa under this category for four years or more.

Sponsor requirements

You will need to be sponsored by a religious organisation which is registered as a charity with the Charities Commission. The primary purpose of that charitable organisation must be for advancing of religion. The organisation must also meet certain criteria to be an 'acceptable sponsor', including not being in receivership/liquidation, not having breached sponsorship obligations previously, etc.

Qualification requirements

You need to have had training and/or experience relevant to the religious work you are being sponsored to undertake, of at least two years, in the field of religious work. Religious work is defined as follows:

  • teaching or guidance in religious scripture or philosophy;
  • leading religious practice, worship or prayer;
  • conducting religious initiations, ordination or ritual;
  • ministering or pastoral care;
  • roles of religious leadership in relation to any of the above.


The issue of the visa under this category will be subject to a number of conditions:

  • initial visa will be valid for up to two years (maximum four years allowed under this category); and;
  • you must undertake religious work for the sponsoring organisation only;
  • the sponsoring organisation must meet its obligations throughout the duration of the visa.
Last modified: 07 Feb 2015 21:23