Variation of Conditions


Variation of Conditions: When you have been granted a visa, it would be most likely that it will be subject to certain conditions, especially if you are not a permanent resident.

For example, for a person holding a work visa that allows that person to work for an employer, the work visa will normally have three conditions:

  • the name of the employer whom you are working for;
  • the job position that you are working as, and
  • the city that you are working in.

If the specified conditions need to be changed, you will need to alert Immigration New Zealand and seek its approval by lodging a variation of conditions application.

In the case of a work visa granted under Essential Skills policy, variation of conditions cannot be used if you are seeking to change more than one condition (exception is if your job is in the skill shortage list). In that situation a fresh work visa application will need to be made.

Get advice

Many issues that you were not aware of could surface when you lodge an Variation of Conditions application to Immigration New Zealand, so it will be worth getting proper advice and guidance from the beginning.