Do I need a Medical Certificate?

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You intend to stay in NZ for less than 6 months

No medical certificate or chest x-ray is required.

You intend to stay in NZ for more than 6, but less than 12 months

You may require a Chest X-ray certificate (INZ 1096).
To check if this is a requirement for you, please download our leaflet Health Requirements (INZ 1121)

You intend to stay in NZ longer than 12 months in total

  • A General medical certificate as well as the Chest X-ray certificate must be attached to your application. If you have already provided these certificates within the last 36 months you may be able to re-use those with your new application (some exceptions apply).
  • Immigration health screening for partners and dependant children of NZ citizens/residents who meet residence requirements is limited to screening for those conditions which would disqualify them from consideration for a medical waiver. In this case, a Limited Medical Certificate needs to be completed as well as the Chest X-Ray Certificate.
  • Immigration health screening for full fee paying foreign students is generally reduced to TB screening only (unless there are risk factors), provided that they also hold acceptable insurance as a condition of their visa. A Chest X-Ray Certificate only is required in this case.

Please be aware that for determining if a medical certificate is required, the time you intend to spend in NZ includes time you have already spent in NZ.

The time you have already spent in NZ (for medical certificate purposes) is calculated from the date of your most recent arrival. Note that this may vary per branch. Refer to KB3378 for more information.

Where can I get a Certificate issued?

In most countries, medical certificates may only be issued by physicians and radiologists that have been specifically approved by Immigration New Zealand (eg. England, Netherlands, etc).

Please refer to our list of Panel Doctors to find out if you need to see one of our panel doctors. You may enter the name of your country in the Search field, for a more specific listing.

If you are in NZ, you must use a Panel Physician in your area (please check the list above for details of your nearest panel physician).

What ID do I need to take?

You will need to present one of the follow forms of photo ID when you get your medical certificate completed:

  • A valid Original Passport is INZ’s primary and preferred form of identity documentation.
  • Certificate of identity
  • Refugee travel document
  • National ID Card with photo – only if the issuing country for the identity document is one where INZ permits national ID cards to be used for eMedical identity purposes (these countries are listed at Appendix B of the Identity tip sheet given to your local Panel Physician) and the examining clinic is located in the issuing country

Neither certified nor ordinary copies of these documents are acceptable forms of identification because of the risk of fraud.

Photo identification ensures that the person who presents for the medical examination is the same person who intends to submit the medical certificate/X-ray certificate to INZ.

What if I submitted a Medical Certificate with a previous application?

You should have a look at the Related Answer below “Do I need to submit another Medical or Chest X Ray when extending my Visa?” to find the answer to your specific situation.

This answer was last updated on 6 October, 2017.

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