My residence is still in process, but my temporary visa will expire soon.

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Lodging a residence application does not mean you can let your temporary class visa expire.

You must be on a valid visa at all times while in NZ. If your temporary visa expires while your residence is in process, you are liable for deportation.

If your temporary entry class visa expires while in NZ, the processing of your residence application must be suspended under section 169 (3) of the Immigration Act 2009..

Before your current visa expires, you can:

  • obtain a further temporary class visa to remain in NZ longer, or
  • depart NZ and wait for your resident visa decision offshore (please advise your immigration officer of your contact details in this case).

To obtain a further visa, you must meet the current policy requirements of the visa type you wish to apply for. Please refer to the visit, study and work sections of our website for more information.

There is a special process for work visa holders who are applying for an Essential Skills work visa during this time which will be considered for you. This is explained on our Invitation to apply page.

You may also refer to the Related Questions listed below, for specific information on extending temporary class visas.

This answer was last updated on 25 November, 2016.

From Immigration New Zealand website under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 3.0 New Zealand Licence.