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Getting started

Not sure where to start? Getting started with us is easy. Our guide will give you a basic overview of different types of immigration processes and whether they will apply to your situation.
Read our overview
Common issues
  • Understanding different processes
  • Understanding strategies
Read our overview

Hiring migrant workers

You're thinking about staffing to keep up with demand and for growth. At the same time, you're wanting to ensure you are meeting immigration's compliance requirements.
Read employer options
Common issues
  • Understanding compliance requirements
  • Finding workers & understanding their needs
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Monitoring workers visa dates
Read employer options

Bringing your family

We get it — the life of a migrant is a constant struggle, and you could use some support. Bringing your loved ones to be together might just be what you need to keep you going. We can help you make it happen.
Read family visa options
Common issues
  • Managing logistics and timelines
  • Applying for the correct visa type
  • Evidentiary requirement
  • Ensuring nothing goes awry
Read family visa options

Securing your future

Getting on with your day to day life is hard enough, but you've got to set your sights on your future in New Zealand, right? Make sure that you are on the right path and you're setting yourself up for success. 
Read residence pathway options
Common issues
  • Selecting the right career
  • Finding employment opportunities
  • Sudden change in immigration policy
  • Not meeting the criteria
Read residence pathway options
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Choose from the list of immigration processes relevant to you to get an understanding of the requirements, steps involved, cost and more.

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300+ Google Reviews

Without any second bring your case to Immigration Lawyer NZ

"My work visa was almost declined. It was not less than any miracle that I got my work visa because of him. All migrants having issues with immigration without any any second bring your case to Michael. Thanks Immigration Lawyer NZ for such high level of professionalism and being absolute amazing help."

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Never had felt left alone during the process

"He is really kind and gave us a lot of tips and unknown details during the process which was very useful. My visa got approved. Michael finally made it come true. If I had questions he responded quickly so I never had the feeling to be left alone during the process. Thank you, Michael."

It's been a long tough journey

"This guy is amazing, calm and gets everything you need help with done as soon as possible. Our case was so hard but thank you so much for all your hard work and all the effort you did to help us get through. It's been a long tough journey. I recommend anyone to get their work done here at Immigration Lawyer NZ."

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You won't be disappointed

"If you're thinking about using Michael for your next visa, get in touch, you won't be disappointed. The service is above and beyond my expectations. I am now a New Zealand resident thanks to Michael. Everything was made easy for me and replies were super fast. Thanks again Immigration Lawyer NZ for all the help."

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Immigration Lawyer NZ works closely with

NZLS and ADLS as a current member of the legal profession, and INZ and the Ombudsman's Office for regularly communicating for ongoing immigration processes.

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"We make immigration simple. Our expert knowledge enables us to present a comprehensive and compelling case that ticks all the boxes for Immigration New Zealand for a quick, smooth decision."

Our passion is helping individuals and businesses overcome challenges posed by the ever-changing immigration rules and regulations. We can better serve our clients for better results as we focus exclusively on New Zealand immigration law.

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Michael Yoon, Principal Immigration Lawyer with 18 years' experience

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We genuinely look out for our client's best interests. Together with our experience, knowledge and technical skills, we are able to deliver a service that is simply unmatched. 

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Some of the frequently asked questions about Immigration Lawyer NZ.

People also ask

An immigration lawyer in New Zealand provides expert guidance through the complex immigration process, helping you understand your options and determining the best path forward based on your specific situation.

They prepare and organise your application by offering tailored advice and providing checklists, forms, and samples to simplify the process.

Once your application is ready, they submit it to Immigration New Zealand, manage all subsequent communications, and address any issues that arise.

This comprehensive support allows you to focus on your life while ensuring that your immigration matters are progressing smoothly and efficiently.

The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer varies based on several factors.

Urgency can affect costs, especially in situations where immediate action is required, such as responding to Immigration New Zealand’s concerns about a potential decline within a tight deadline.

The complexity of your case also plays a significant role; more intricate cases involving numerous issues or disputes will generally require more resources and time.

Additionally, the experience and expertise of the lawyer can influence the cost, as more seasoned lawyers might provide more effective and connected services.

Billing methods differ among practices; while some charge by the hour, others, like our firm, offer a fixed fee to provide clarity and peace of mind about your legal expenses from the start.

Most people opt for an immigration lawyer to navigate the complexities of immigration law and to adeptly handle any arising difficulties.

When choosing an immigration lawyer, it's crucial to consider their experience and expertise in the field, ensuring they are well-versed in handling situations similar to yours.

Additionally, the quality of service delivery, including effective communication and timely updates, is essential.

Transparent cost structuring is also important, as it helps avoid any unexpected expenses.

Reviewing client testimonials and independent reviews can provide insights into the lawyer's reliability and the quality of service you can expect.

Our principal immigration lawyer, with over 18 years of experience, is renowned for his professional and approachable manner in assisting clients, as evidenced by more than 300 positive Google reviews.

His fees are competitive and designed to provide value while addressing your immigration needs effectively.

Immigration lawyers in New Zealand are required to complete a law degree that spans four years and an additional 14-weeks intensive professional training in law, ensuring they are thoroughly versed in the legal framework. Their comprehensive legal training allows them to effectively handle complex cases when the need arises. In addition, they can certify documents, witness statutory declarations, and represent clients in court. Before starting their own practice, they must also gain at least three years of full-time experience as a lawyer.

In contrast, immigration advisors are required to complete a one-year online programme and obtain a provisional licence to start their consulting business. While they can assist with visa applications and provide immigration advice, their scope can be limited compared to lawyers, particularly in complex legal issues and representation in court settings.

Remember, New Zealand immigration laws and policies change constantly, without warning.

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