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I really appreciate to Laywer Michael Yoon. I was very lucky to meet you.
When I got PPI letter from immigration for my residency application it... was just before the Xmas holiday. It was super hard mission to find right lawyer that time. I posted all the Korean communities also sent emails to many lawyers but was very hard to get answer that season.
Then my hero Michael sent me msg and it was like I found a light in the dark to me.
My case was pretty complicated and bit twisted. If you're not working at my work place it's bit hard to understand the situation but he solved it smoothly and very professional way. He stayed up for whole night to help me the day before we sent the final letter.
I have got my residency 5 months later after we sent mail. Meanwhile Michael kept sending mails to my officer even I didn't ask for.
When I tried to find lawyer, someone told me that most of lawyers don't want to take the case if it looked hopeless or hard to win.
To me Michael was not just only the lawyer to find a work but more like who understood my situation and tried to help as a good person.
I still remember that frustrating days before I met Michael. Now I am travelling the world, writing this in Colombia. It was my first mission when I get residency.
I want to say thank you to Michael. If he didn't hand me I am not here now.
All the best for Michael Yoon. He is the best lawyer. :)
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Saerom Romi K.
Saerom Romi K.
First of all I would like to say Thanks to Michael and Samantha for such a great work. I got my visa in less than 3 weeks. They made the whole... process very smooth and were very professional all the time. Highly Recommend My Law. :)read more
akash S.
akash S.
I would like to say Thanks to Michael for such a great work. I got my visa within a month.They made the whole process very smooth and were very... professional all the time. Highly Recommend My lawread more
kamal S.
kamal S.
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