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We've been providing top-quality immigration advice in Christchurch since 2006.

With us, you can apply with confidence.

Peace of Mind

Put your mind at ease, knowing that you're getting the most current, technically polished legal services from a local immigration lawyer.

Clear Price Guarantee

Our transparent pricing means there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises, and you know you are getting exceptional value for money.

Free Initial Chat

Initial online communication with our team lets you ask questions and us understand your goals better. There is no cost until you engage our services.

Full range of services Immigration Lawyers Christchurch can help you with.

How we can help

Gain residency with the confidence of having industry-leading experts by your side. Making a new country home is easier with us.

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Green List - Straight to Residence
  • Green List - Work to Residence
  • Care Workforce Work to Residence
  • Transport Sector Work to Residence
  • Partnership Category
  • Parent Category
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Dependent Child Category

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Why should I get Immigration Lawyer in Christchurch to help me?

  • Immigration laws are intricate and constantly changing. Having a knowledgeable legal representation ensures that you stay updated on any changes and understand how they affect your case.
  • Our experienced immigration advisor team in Christchurch can help you find your way through the paperwork, deadlines, and requirements involved and make the visa application a seamless process.
  • If an immigration officer raises complex issues about your case, such as a PPI (potentially prejudicial information) letter, we develop a strategy and put together a winning submission.

How are you different to immigration advisor Christchurch?

  • As members of the New Zealand Law Society, an immigration lawyer is not required to hold an immigration advisor's licence.
  • We have completed at least four years of rigorous legal training at the University of Canterbury. Immigration advisers undergo a one year online training.
  • Immigration advisers and immigration consultants can't witness and sign declarations and can't certify documents but lawyers can.

Our Office Information


Immigration Lawyer Christchurch

Level 1/95 Riccarton Road, Riccarton

Christchurch 8011

(By appointment only)

Our happy clients in Christchurch sharing stories of success and reflecting on our journey together.

Client Testimonials

Everything was done very professional

Michael Yoon did work for me for a few times in Christchurch. Everything was done very professional with 100% Success. I can highly recommend him!

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Uwe T

Uwe T


Without any second bring your case to Michael

My visa was almost declined. He turned it around and I got my work visa because of him. All migrants having issues with immigration without any second bring your case to Immigration Advisers Christchurch. I am writing this testimonial to thank Michael for such high level of professionalism and being absolute amazing help.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Padmavati M

Padmavati M


It's been a long tough journey

This guy is amazing, calm and gets everything you need help with done as soon as possible. Our case was so hard but thank you so much for all your hard work and all the effort you did to help us get through. It's been a long tough journey in Christchurch. I recommend anyone to get their work done here.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Terihas G

Terihas G


He was very kind and helpful

I thank you to Michael Yoon for helping my husband get to Christchurch on visitor visa which was very difficult for long time but eventually got approved. He was very kind and helpful. I highly recommend him as Immigration Lawyer to my friend and colleagues who needed the help to get their love one to New Zealand.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Dolma L

Dolma L


Never had felt left alone during the process

He is really kind and gave us a lot of tips and unknown details during the process which was very useful. My visa got approved. Christchurch Immigration Lawyers finally made it come true. If I had questions he responded quickly so I never had the feeling to be left alone during the process. Thank you, Michael. :)

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Svenja S

Svenja S


He is a wonderful, caring person

Our application was a difficult one. Michael was upfront and honest about the process from the beginning with the best result a person can get. I recommend Immigration Consultant Christchurch for any Visa application. He is a wonderful, caring person and the best immigration adviser to go through this process!

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Marina L

Marina L


Our step by step as Immigration Adviser Christchurch that ensures a smooth transition for every client.

How We Look After Your Case

  • Enquire

    Kickstart your journey by reaching out to us. We're here to provide initial insights and address your queries.

  • Engage

    Once you're ready, formally onboard with us. We'll send you our letter of engagement, ensuring clarity and commitment.

  • Prepare

    We provide a tailored list of necessary documents along with samples, so you're well-prepared for the application process.

  • Review

    Our immigration lawyer in Christchurch will thoroughly review the provided details, ensuring nothing is amiss. We'll guide you if additional information is required.

  • Lodgement

    After a detailed preparation, we lodge your application and closely monitor its progress, keeping you updated every step of the way.

  • Report

    Once a decision is made, we promptly communicate the outcome to you, ensuring you're well-informed and ready for the next steps.

Addressing Christchurch's commonly asked immigration questions.

Related Questions

An immigration lawyer is a lawyer who specialises in immigration law. Many lawyers work in multiple practice areas, but in our case, we focus exclusively in the area of immigration law.
Our firm charges a fixed fee and varies depending on the service you are after. Please have a look at our article discussing how we charge our fees and what considerations are factored in.
There are a total of eight eMedical clinics in Christchurch on the list of panel physicians. Doctors on Riccarton and Immigration Express are the only two places where you can get both an eMedical and a chest x-ray done in the same premises.
They are at Grand Central Building, 161 Cashel Street, Christchurch CBD, but there is no public access and entrance is tightly controlled by security guards.
According to the Christchurch City Council website, in 2018, 27% of the city's residents were born overseas. We are truly a multicultural city.

With a track record of excellence, we're not just any immigration service in Christchurch; we're your best choice.

Let Immigration Lawyers Christchurch New Zealand be your guiding light to success

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Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Christchurch
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Remember, New Zealand immigration laws and policies change constantly, without warning.

Take action now so you don't miss out. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ to discuss your situation today.

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300+ Google Reviews
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