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Specialist immigration law firm in Christchurch

If you find yourself facing immigration issues, our immigration lawyer in Christchurch can help. As a law firm specialising in New Zealand immigration law, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that can arise in the process.

Our immigration team provides a full range of immigration advice and is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to navigate through the complex immigration system.

Whether you are looking for help with a skilled migrant application, employer accreditation, or any other immigration-related matter, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise in all areas of immigration law to guide you through the process from start to finish.

As a leading immigration firm, we focus on providing a complete solution that will give our clients peace of mind. Take control of your immigration journey today. Get in touch with our immigration law experts for a consultation.

The role of an immigration lawyer in Christchurch

Navigating the complex world of immigration can be overwhelming and intimidating, but rest assured that our specialist immigration lawyer in Christchurch will bring you more clarity. For a visa process to be successful, it’s crucial to have the right legal representation by your side. Here are some reasons why hiring a practising lawyer is essential:

  • Immigration laws are intricate and constantly changing. Having a knowledgeable legal representation ensures that you stay updated on any changes and understand how they affect your case.
  • Our experienced immigration law team can help you navigate through the paperwork, deadlines, and requirements involved in the visa application process. Our status with Immigration New Zealand will help your immigration matter achieve a more seamless process.
  • If an immigration officer raises complex legal issues about your case, such as a PPI (potentially prejudicial information) letter, we take the time to listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, develop a strategy that maximises your chances of success and put together a winning submission.

We are different to advisers and consultants. We are regulated under a different law, and as practising certificates enable us to practice in all areas of law, we are exempt from having to have an immigration adviser’s licence. We have a special privilege as we can witness and sign declarations.

Build a lasting relationship with a lawyer in Christchurch

Building a relationship with us often means building a lifelong relationship, as lawyers also provide a wide range of services in relation to a range of legal matters. For example, when our clients become residents in Christchurch, they often need help with buying their first home. Some may need help with their relationship property matters.

By engaging our immigration services, you can find relief knowing that you have found the right legal partner to guide you through your immigration journey. We provide practical guidance that helps you achieve your immigration goals.

Take action today and become part of our beautiful country – we’re here to help.

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Top-Rated Immigration Lawyer in Christchurch

  • Without any second bring your case to Michael

    My partnership work visa was almost declined. It was not less than any miracle that I got my work visa because of him. All migrants having issues with immigration without any any second bring your case to Michael. Thanks Michael for such high level of professionalism and being absolute amazing help.

    Review by Padmavati M

    Padmavati M

    Verified google Review

  • Everything was done very professional

    Michael Yoon did work for me for a few times. Everything was done very professional with 100 % Success. I can highly recommend him!

    Review by Uwe T

    Uwe T

    Verified google Review

  • He is a wonderful, caring person

    Our application was a difficult one. Michael was upfront and honest about the process from the beginning with the best result a person can get. I recommend Michael for any Visa application. He is a wonderful, caring person and the best lawyer to go through this process!

    Review by Marina L

    Marina L

    Verified google Review

  • One of the best lawyer in New Zealand

    One of the best lawyer in newzealand.. just like a god in my life. just beacuse micheal finally after long time wait am going to live with my love of life ( my wife). thanks a lot for your help.

    Review by Utkarsh


    Verified google Review

  • Never had felt left alone during the process

    He is really kind and gave us a lot of tips and unknown details during the process which was very useful. My Partnership visa got approved. Michael finally made it come true. If I had questions he responded quickly so I never had the feeling to be left alone during the process. Thank you, Michael. :)

    Review by Svenja S

    Svenja S

    Verified google Review

  • He's always been there for me

    Michael is an exceptional lawyer, his knowledge about immigration procedures & regulations are incredible. He works 24/7 to have things done in time and helped me in everything I needed to get my resident visa. It was a long way and he always been there for me. I don't have words to describe how grateful I am.

    Review by Rafaele T

    Rafaele T

    Verified google Review

Tailored Services Offered by Our Immigration Lawyer in Christchurch

It's about designing a holistic journey, and our immigration services in Christchurch do just that.

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  • Residence Visa

    Gain residency with the confidence of having industry-leading experts by your side. Making a new country home is easier with us.

  • Work Visa

    Streamline your work visa process, ensuring you can focus on your career aspirations without visa concerns.

  • Student Visa

    Step into prestigious institutions with the right student visa. We guide you through every prerequisite.

  • Visitor Visa

    From holiday trips to family visits, our visitor visa services cater to various travel intents.

  • Fix Urgent Issue

    Overcome immigration roadblocks with our dedicated troubleshooting. We find solutions when you hit a snag.

  • Employer Services

    Stay compliant and hire globally. Our services ensure seamless hiring of international talent for employers.

The Process Our Immigration Lawyer in Christchurch Follows to Manage Your Case to Success

Delve into our strategic approach in Christchurch that ensures a smooth transition for every client.



Kickstart your journey by reaching out to us. We're here to provide initial insights and address your queries.



Once you're ready, formally onboard with us. We'll walk you through the letter of engagement, ensuring clarity and commitment.



We provide a tailored list of necessary documents along with samples, ensuring you're well-prepared for the application process.



Our experts in Christchurch will thoroughly review the provided details, ensuring nothing is amiss. We'll guide you if additional information is required.



After meticulous preparation, we lodge your application and closely monitor its progress, keeping you updated every step of the way.



Once a decision is made, we promptly communicate the outcome to you, ensuring you're well-informed and ready for the next steps.

Comprehensive Immigration Resources Tailored for Christchurch

Essential resources meticulously curated to aid Christchurch's immigration endeavors seamlessly.

Christchurch Residents: Comprehensive Immigration FAQ Section

Addressing Christchurch's common immigration concerns with our FAQ compilation.

There are a total of eight facilities in Christchurch on the list of panel physicians. Doctors on Riccarton and Immigration Express are the only two places where you can get both an eMedical and a chest x-ray done in the same premises.
They are at Grand Central Building, 161 Cashel Street, Christchurch CBD, but there is no public access and entrance is tightly controlled by security guards.
According to the Christchurch City Council website, in 2018, 27% of the city's residents were born overseas, and of those, 17% were from Engliand, 10% from the Philippines, 10% from China and 7% from India. We are truly a multicultural city.

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With a track record of excellence, we're not just any service in Christchurch; we're your best choice.

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17 years showcasing our unmatched insight
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Solely centered on immigration law
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Managing your application from start to end
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Lawyers simplifying the visa process
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Christchurch's Recognised Excellence

Stellar reputation in Canterbury
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Latest immigration law developments in focus
Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Christchurch
Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Christchurch
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