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This section is for New Zealand businesses and employers who have staff on work visas, or contemplating to recruit foreign workers.

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As an employer, it's your obligation to ensure that your staff have valid visas to be able to work for you.

If there is a compliance issue that has been overlooked, such as your staff continuing to work for your when his/her visa has expired, then you might inadvertently be committing an offence under the Immigration Act. A big no-no in the eyes of Immigration NZ.

Depending on circumstances, it might not only mean that you could be liable for a hefty fine, but it could also impact your ability to employ staff on work visas in the future. It would be disastrous if your business relies on migrant workers.

We can proactively manage your staff's visa status and ensure that the risks associated with immigration matters are minimised. 

Application types

In addition to managing your staff's visas, we can also help with the following types of immigration applications which may be beneficial for your business operation:

Approval in Principle

Typically there is downtime associated with conducting a labour market search when applying for a work visa, just to comply with Immigration New Zealand requirements. If an Approval in Principle is in place, when used correctly, the downtime could be reduced significantly. Read more about this category here.

Accredited employer

Being an accredited employer means you can offer a more attractive employment package to key talents whom you wish to retain in the long run, by being able to effectively guarantee pathway to residence. Read more about this category here.

Specific purpose

In certain instances, "Specific Purpose Work Visa"s need to be granted to allow your staff to work for you. Examples are as below:

  • A senior or specialist businessperson on short-term secondment
  • A sports referee
  • A judge of a show, display or exhibition
  • A dance or music examiner
  • An installer or servicer of specialised equipment or machinery
  • An entertainer, performing artist, film or video crew or support personnel

Are you a forward thinking employer wanting to take advantage of streamlining migrant recruitment? Read more about it here and here.


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Remember, New Zealand immigration laws and policies change constantly, without warning.

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