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Our mission is to make your immigration journey as smooth as possible. With a track record since 2006, we excel in making the process stress-free.

With us, you can apply with confidence.

Relax, and Enjoy the View

Our unmatched, industry-leading expertise means you will feel safe knowing you are in capable hands.

No Bumpy Rides

Taking a proactive approach, we iron out potential issues in your application to make sure all requirements are met.

Genuine Care

We're there every step, every milestone, in a commitment to your long-term success. Your goals are our roadmap.

Tailored to fit your circumstances, our services in Queenstown address your needs seamlessly.

How we can help

Your pathway to residency, made simpler and clearer with our dedicated guidance. Let's make this country your permanent home.

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Green List - Straight to Residence
  • Green List - Work to Residence
  • Care Workforce Work to Residence
  • Transport Sector Work to Residence
  • Partnership Category
  • Parent Category
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Dependent Child Category

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Why should I get Immigration Lawyer in Queenstown to help me?

  • Immigration laws are intricate and continuously evolving. A knowledgeable legal representative ensures you stay informed about these changes and how they affect your case.
  • Our skilled immigration advisory team in Queenstown is committed to streamlining the visa application process by assisting with paperwork, adhering to deadlines, and meeting requirements.
  • When faced with tough situations like getting a PPI (potentially prejudicial information) letter from an immigration officer, we develop strategic solutions and prepare robust submissions.

How are you different to immigration advisor Queenstown?

  • Membership with the New Zealand Law Society means immigration lawyers are not required to hold an immigration adviser's licence.
  • We have completed a rigorous four-year legal training program at the tertiary level, in contrast to immigration advisers who undergo a one-year online training.
  • Lawyers, unlike immigration advisers and consultants, possess the authority to witness statutory declarations and certify documents.

Experience the joy and fulfillment resonating in the voices of our satisfied clients in Queenstown.

Client Testimonials

Always one email away

Micheal was always one email away in Queenstown and replied to my queries and follow-ups. They also had a timely update which I appreciate. I would recommend their service to my friends.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Akhil M

Akhil M


He's always been there for me

Michael is an exceptional lawyer, his knowledge about immigration procedures & regulations are incredible. He works 24/7 to have things done in time and helped me in Queenstown in everything I needed to get my resident visa. It was a long way and he always been there for me. I don't have words to describe how grateful I am.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Rafaele T

Rafaele T


Top quality service

Michael and his team in Queenstown provided us with a top quality service. His help was clear and of great help. He was always easy to contact and prompt with his replies. He made the whole process alot easier and provided us with clear guidelines of what information we needed to provide.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by James O

James O


Extremely thorough and detailed

Michael Yoon is a very helpful and compassionate lawyer. He provided me with detailed advice on the potential risks and options and for this I am extremely grateful. He was extremely thorough and detailed and provided me with invaluable recommendations. I wanted to say a massive thanks for your help.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Ann P

Ann P


You won't be disappointed

If you're thinking about using Michael for your next visa, get in touch, you won't be disappointed. The service is above and beyond my expectations. I am now a New Zealand resident in Queenstown thanks to Michael. Everything was made easy for me and replies were super fast. Thanks again for all the help.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Tom B

Tom B


Happy and satisfied

Once again, we are so happy and satisfied with the service we received from Immigration Lawyer Queenstown. Michael is super responsive to our questions. He contacted the case officer immediately after we sent our concerns. His advice is suitable for our case, resulting in our successful visa. Thank you so much for your professional service.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Ivy P

Ivy P


Our success in Queenstown is defined by a well-charted process that leaves no stone unturned.

How We Look After Your Case

  • Enquire

    Commence your immigration journey by contacting our dedicated team for an initial consultation and guidance.

  • Engage

    Progress to the next stage by officially engaging our services. This includes signing a letter of engagement that outlines our scope and terms.

  • Prepare

    To ensure a seamless application process, we'll provide a personalised list of necessary documents along with relevant samples, guiding you at every step.

  • Review

    The provided details undergo a thorough examination by our immigration lawyer, and we offer advice on any further information that will strengthen the case.

  • Lodgement

    Once the preparation is complete, we lodge your application and closely monitor its progress, providing you with updates throughout the process.

  • Report

    We'll keep you updated on the outcome of your application, ensuring you're informed and prepared for any potential next steps.

Explore expert answers to the most common immigration questions in Queenstown.

Related Questions

We provide a 15-minute free consultation. To find out if you will be eligible, please complete our enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Prices can vary on what an immigration adviser will typically charge, but most will adopt a fixed-fee arrangement. Immigration advisers are required to have an agreement signed so a full disclosure will be made before commencing work. We have a page that explains how we charge for our work.
Immigration is applying a special exemption for certain sectors, such as the Tourism and Hospitality sector ($28.18/hr) and the Seasonal Snow and Adventure Tourism sector ($26.69/hr). There is a time limit on these exemptions, so you will need to check from time to time.

When you partner with us, you're choosing one of the best industry-recognised expertise and care you can find in Queenstown.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Immigration Advice in Queenstown

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Established Excellence

18 years, reflecting our unwavering commitment

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No Distraction

Laser focus on immigration law matters

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Communication First

Ensuring you are always up-to-date in the loop

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Detailed Navigation

Lawyers managing visa applications for you

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Acclaimed in Queenstown

Respected & recommended service provider

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Within Your Budget

Cost-effective service delivery

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Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Queenstown
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Remember, New Zealand immigration laws and policies change constantly, without warning.

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