INZ 1024 Form Explained

Sponsorship Form for Residence (Parent Category)For applications under the Parent Category

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INZ 1024
Immigration New Zealand
November 2023
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What is INZ 1024 form used for?

The INZ 1024 form is used for sponsoring an applicant for New Zealand residence under the Parent Category. It outlines the responsibilities and obligations of the sponsor, including meeting sponsorship undertakings for a specified number of years after residence is granted.

Additionally, completing the INZ 1024 form does not guarantee the approval of the residence application for the sponsored person, as they must meet all the requirements of the category they are applying under before being granted residence in New Zealand.

Who can fill out INZ 1024 form?

The INZ 1024 Sponsorship Form for Residence can be filled out by individuals who wish to sponsor an applicant for New Zealand residence under the Parent Category. The sponsor, who may be the adult child of the applicant, is required to complete the form, provide necessary information about themselves and their family, and agree to meet the sponsorship undertakings for a specified number of years after the residence is granted.

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How to fill out INZ 1024 form

The form requires the sponsor to provide information about themselves and their family, which is collected to determine their eligibility to sponsor a person for residence in New Zealand. It also states that the information provided may be shared with other Government agencies entitled to this information under applicable legislation.

It also includes a declaration section that must be signed by the sponsor and, if joint income is being used, the second sponsor. The sponsor is required to make a declaration that the information provided on the form is true and correct, and that they will honor the sponsorship undertakings given in respect of the person(s) they have agreed to sponsor. The declaration must be witnessed by a person authorised to take statutory declarations such as an immigration lawyer in NZ.

Furthermore, the form addresses the income requirement for sponsors, stating that the minimum income requirement must be met by taxable income recorded on Inland Revenue tax statements. It also provides information about the sponsorship period, which is for ten years from the sponsored person’s first day in New Zealand as a resident, and outlines the sponsor’s obligations, including providing accommodation, financial support, and repatriation or deportation costs for the sponsored person(s).

The document also includes information about immigration advice, stating that it is an offence to provide immigration advice without being licensed or exempt under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007. It provides details on where to find more information and view the register of licensed advisers and immigration lawyers.

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