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Contact us

For any Immigration related questions, please feel free to drop us a line. Even if we are unable to help, we will give you some helpful comments.

Thank you for your interest in using our immigration service.

When you engage our services, we'll ensure that your matter is completed in a timely and efficient manner by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Our preferred method of initial contact is by email.

Please complete the form and provide us as much information as possible about your immigration enquiry so that we can better understand your situation.

Needing urgent immigration help?

If you have received a letter of concern or a "PPI letter" from Immigration New Zealand, please include the relevant details. We will also need to know the deadline set by Immigration NZ.

We will come back to you.

We hope to be able to assist with your case, however, sometimes it is not possible due to current workload. Either way, we will come back to you with a response.
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