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We have had the privilege of assisting with our clients' immigration matters, and some have written to show their appreciation of the work we have done for them.
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"I do recommend Mr. Michael Yoon, the best lawyer you can trust for all the Immigration matters."

Bibin J, whose New Zealand residence visa was granted after a successful IPT appeal decision

Kim & Nina H.

We get to know Michael Yoon since early 2016, our EOI was submitted in Feb 2017, and AIP in July 2017. We are extremely satisfied with his service and his professionalism. 

He is the one who can point you to a right and fast direction for your immigration, he took every question seriously and you always get a prompt reply, that is one of the most desired attitudes you want from your immigration lawyer. 

If you are looking for experienced and reliable professional immigration lawyer, find Michael and have a quick chat with him. Big thanks for your effort, Michael!

Bibin J.

I got my resident visa approved in last year. My case was a difficult one. 

So I applied my SMC application appeal through Mr. Michael Yoon. He helped me to gather all documents in a professional way and made and presented in front of the IPT & Immigration NZ and helped me to get the visa on time. 

I do recommend Mr. Michael Yoon, the best lawyer you can trust for all the Immigration matters.

Anoop C.

I got my residents visa last year Mr Michael yoon is a best lawyer I have went through my visa application just went so easily he was so fast in his work I didn't had to run after Immigration New Zealand.

Emi O.

I highly recommend Michael Yoon if you are planning to find a lawyer for your visa. I got both my work visa and resident visa in 2016. 

At the beginning, I was planning to work with Michael only for my resident visa because my work visa was supposed to be easily approved. However, as my application had been almost declined, I asked him to assist me and he jumped in. 

I got my case officer replaced twice and finally I got my work visa approved, thanks to his big support. After 4 months later, my resident visa was approved, which was surprisingly quick because it was only 2 months after I submitted my application.

This is due to the battle with NZ Immigration at my work visa application. I really appreciate Michael because his response was always quick and his explanation was easy to understand. Without his assistance, my resident visa wouldn't have been approved.

Will Z.

Highly recommend Michael Yoon. He is efficient and professional Immigration Lawyers. He fast responded all my questions and provided professional advice. With his help, I got my resident visa. Thank you for all your help.

Fiona L.

I do highly recommend Michal Yoon. He is a professional and experienced immigration lawyer. When he took my case, he talked with me to know my background and experiences, then helped me to prepare my applying application and material in every detail. 

Waiting for the approval process he always replies my email efficiently and clearly answers my questions. As a result, I smoothly got my resident visa a couple of months later. So again, he is a trustable and professional immigration lawyer.

Jay L.

From my experience, it is very possible that things can go wrong unexpectedly when you deal with the immigration, even if you might be a perfect candidate. It’s a big decision when you are planning to live in a new country and I don’t think you wish to have any trouble. You should find the expertise in this area who you can trust and take you to the stage you desire.

 I believe Michael Yoon is one of those experienced lawyers in NZ. I first met him for my work visa application in 2011, then permanent residency application and the properties I recently purchased. When applying for a visa or permanent residency from my experience, it is always required to work within the given time frame. 

Michael has never failed to meet the deadlines, therefore, we were able to get what we wanted with his various strategies especially for my permanent residency application which was not easy at all with a very limited time frame. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer for any immigration or property matter and I will surely work with him again next time!

Donald S.

We came across Michael Yoon's firm on the website when we were desperate to look for a lawyer to help us gain our residency. We wrote to him in the evening and were surprised to get a reply back just after 9.00pm on the very same day. We made an appointment to see him with our thick file full of immigration documents compiled over the years and since then he has been with us every step of the way via email and helped us gain our residency within a year. 

During this period he always replied emails promptly on the same day regardless day or night, weekdays or weekends. We have also used his service when we purchased our first house after the residency and he is just as efficient as ever. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal service.

Sekee L.

Michael helped my residency visa, my case officer was assuming me with character issue. I thought there were no other options for me. I asked Michael for help and Michael’s idea was request to INZ to change my case officer because the case officer was not seeing and treating me with fair-mindedly. 

His idea was brilliant, it accepted by technical advisor from INZ and my case went well perfectly. Michael is very professional, excellent communicator and work with the facts, advise realistic matters, no giving you false hope. I do highly recommend Michale (Immigration layers New Zealand) with confidence.

Ivan K.

We were lucky to have Michael Yoon as our Immigration Lawyer. Dealing with the Immigration Department has always been very exhausting and ours was a difficult case with many problems. 

Michael has made it easy and the application went through successfully. We can't thank him enough for his prompt reply that always set our mind at ease and every single cent is worth spending. We would highly recommend him for experience and consistent prompt service.

Anusheel K.

Very good and confident lawyer helped us every step of the way and got the visa for my wife. Will be coming back again.

Maggie W.

Dear Michael, thank you so much for you assistance. Due to your hard work and legal knowledge my case went through with no problem. It is truly amazing what a difference it could be with a lawyer like Michael, I trusted him from beginning to finish and he made a perfect job. Thank you again and I would highly recommend him to anyone who might need legal representation.

Uwe T.

Michael Yoon has everything done in a very professional way, always with the right Timing. I can really recommend him.

Rohit K.

Michael Yoon is the best. Everything was done through email and never had to see him in person, after 3 and half months he called me to say congratulations that my PR has been approved. Unforgettable moment of my life.

Lyn G.

I highly recommend Michael Yoon for the approval of my visa. He gave a clear advise on what to do and what to expect as well. He managed to accommodate us even on his busy schedule and reply to emails, texts and phone calls promptly. Overall, we are satisfied and happy with his professional service and knowledge.

John P.

Michael has been very helpful for me from day one. I approached him to enquire about applying for my Residence Visa. He helped me with all the paper works necessary to submit the application. 

Michael is very professional and easy to approach. I came to know about him online and has seen numerous positive feedbacks from his clients which made me choose him with confidence. He is very prompt in following up and thus making the whole process easy and simple. 

My residence visa was approved in no time with his efforts. Thank you Michael for helping me throughout the process and I would definitely recommend him for any immigration related services.

Zach Y.

When I came to NZ in 2009, I had absolutely no idea how i can survive by myself even visa issue. He had been my friend, guardian, lawyer with lot of immigration advice. He did my work visa and PR. Now i have settled well in NZ so I must to say he is very knowledgeable,warm and friendly. Thanks you Michael

Pablo L.

Excellent service, I was represented by Michael Yoon and thank to him and his awesome work I was able to get my NZ resident visa. Totally recommended.

Fredierick R.

I came in christchurch august 2015 i have a plan to apply a resident visa but i dont know how? When i meet micheal yoon he was assisted me from beginning till i got my residents visa without headache.if anyone who plan to apply a resident just contact micheal yoon,his amazing and talented lawyer. Big thanks to you micheal yoon

Deepika S.

Very pleased with my decision to choose Michael as my Immigration lawyer for Residence application and it got approved. Michael never let me down through this journey. It was a massive battle for me. 

All my queries were answered. I would recommend using services of this wonderful lawyer to everyone, his knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you. Thumbs up

Pavittar N.

I still remember that how hard it was for me to become a resident of New Zealand although I had all those skills this Country may need. Credit goes to Michael Yoon who really worked hard on my applications with NZ Immigration. 

He is not only very professional but he is also a very kind hearted young man. I feel proud to say that I class him as my family lawyer. He started from my work visas, moving to Residency application and then Citizenship documentation. 

He have good knowledge about property law as well. I recommend everyone to avail his services as and where required, to achieve fruitful results.

Nancy W.

First time when I saw Michael can I tell he is a trustworthy and diligent lawyer. His professional style and personality encourages me to choose him as my representative on my resident visa application. In the nearly one-year-long application process, he not only gave me step by step instruction on all the essential supporting materials but also make many helpful suggestions under his profession and experiences on how to vividly present my real skill and my duty under my title. 

Michael is not only experienced in immigration law but also good at converging multi-cultures. He helped me to use a Kiwi-style to show my ability; this is also a useful lesson for my life development in this country. I believe his experiences and prudential style have helped many skilled and qualified applicants successfully get their visas. I had recommended him to many friends and would like to keep doing it. Besides, my family would also hire him as our legal consultant in the future.

Vuna H.

My own experience with this Immigration lawyer in Christchurch is hard for me to explain what I have been experience with my family through our journey to look for more opportunities for my family of 10 in Nz. I am from Tonga and I did migrate to NZ on a 3 years work visa looking for more opportunities for my big family on the rebuilding of Christchurch after the earthquake. 

I am a decorator and the rate that I was offered by employer on my contract was not enough to look after my big family so I wanted to move to another employer who offered me more. To do that is not legal until my visa condition change. Having no experience about immigration stuff was an issue for us. 

I heard from a friend of mine about Michael Yoon the immigration lawyer. so I goggle his name and get his contact then call him explain to him what I wanted, we set an appointment on the next day. He was very friendly and he gave me the best advice what I need to do. So all those things that I wanted was done in no time. After that he told me that I am qualify to apply for my Nz resident which was a shock for me to hear that. 

So he gave a list of all what needed from me and my family to prepare for our residency application. When everything was ready I send it to him. He lodge our application right away in March 2016 five month later I got an email from him that our residency application has been approved and he need our passport to send over to the Nz immigration.

That was one of the best thing ever happen to our family which we really appreciate the professional service and help that was provide for us through this best of the best company . So far from my experience that I have with this Company I recommend to use them for any of their services cause they are honest reliable and professional.

Sonat T.

Thank you very much Michael Yoon and Immigration Lawyers Christchurch for assisting me to get the New Zealand Residency. When i went there for my first consultation, i got clear answers for all my questions from Michael and i realized that he is so expert in Immigration and visa cases. 

Throughout the whole process Michael helped and advised me and i got a very quick positive response from Immigration NZ. He updated with me in each stages of my visa process. I would highly recommend everyone to this firm for anything related to immigration. 

The service i received from him was excellent and i am so happy now because i am holding the NZ resident visa. It is all because of Michael's hard work and legal knowledge. Best service ever. Thank you very much Michael one more time.

Himadri S.

Michael Yoon helped me with dependent work visa and residence visa applications. Both of my applications were successful. He was helpful throughout the process. He was quick while responding any query and always had kept me updated. I appreciate his help and I am more than happy to recommend him as your immigration lawyer. Thanks Michael!

Gurpreet S.

Michael yoon is very knowledgeable Immigration lawyer . Not only he is a warm and nice person, but he handles cases thoroughly and the results are amazing. He is highly talented and a very good lawyer. From last 2 years he’s helping me in visa’s and every time i got my visa with in 10 days.

Carlo E.

Highly recommended. Michael Yoon can sort all your visa issues. I didn't have any trouble applying for my residency Michael helped me sorted evrything i need all the way through, from processing to approval.

Jong P.

I have applied for a work visa 2 times and residency with Michael Yoon, I got all of them by his help. Each every time immigration asked many questions and pointed out problems, that made me panicked but Michael Yoon solved all my visa problems even hard case. 

Also i recommended Michael to my friend, she got the residency as well. Michael is professional immigration lawyer, hard worker, good adviser and best friend for your immigration work. My partner will apply residency soon, we choose Michael Yoon without hesitation.

Shawn K.

I have got a few hospitality businesses around the South Island. Michael Yoon has been looking after our employees’ visa cases and always proven himself great re how he uses common senses in immigration matters for them. 

He excels in problem solving by having a full understanding of the immigration law and talking to the right people in the immigration New Zealand. If in trouble, he is the one to talk to rather than being ripped of by average lawyers at large law firms.

Saerom K.

I really appreciate to Lawyer Michael Yoon ♡ 

When I got PPI letter from immigration NZ for my residency application it was just before the Xmas holiday. It was super hard mission to find right lawyer that time. I posted all the Korean communities also sent emails to many lawyers but was very hard to get answer that season. 

Then my hero Michael sent me msg and it was like I found a light in the dark to me. My case was pretty complicated and bit twisted. If you're not working at my work place it's bit hard to understand the situation but he solved it smoothly and very professional way. 

He stayed up for whole night to help me the day before we sent the final letter. I have got my residency 5 months later after we sent mail. Meanwhile Michael kept sending mails to my officer even I didn't ask for. 

When I tried to find lawyer, someone told me that most of lawyers don't want to take the case if it looked hopeless or hard to win. To me Michael was not just only the lawyer to find a work but more like who understood my situation and tried to help as a good person. I still remember that frustrating days before I met Michael. 

Now I am travelling the world, writing this in Colombia. It was my first mission when I get residency. I want to say thank you to Michael. If he didn't hand me I am not here now. All the best for Michael Yoon. He is the best lawyer. :)

Gurpreet S.

I use Michael Yoon as my lawyer for three years. Completley satisfying job, great office work, always reachable for service.

Harry B.

We are extremely happy with such a wonderful job done by Michael yoon and his team at Kanangara thompsons to get our residency under skilled migrant category. These guys are just amazing on every aspects of their service.

I will recommend everyone who need any kind of immigration work please see Michael yoon and his team first ,I bet you won't be disappointed. Once again we heartly thanks to Michael for his hard work as our case was really complicated. Keep it up .

Minda C.

An excellent result for us - due to an intelligent and creative response from our lawyer. Thank you.

Naresh K.

Michael Yoon is the best immigration advisor he guided me through my residency procedure and I got it within 4 month without any hesitation and I advised everyone to go to Kannangara Thomson. Thanks Michael.

Sukhwinder G.

My experience with Micheal Yoon was outstanding in every phase of Immigration NZ applications. Whether it is work visa application or resident applications he always gave me great consultancy. In future i am looking forward to work with him for sure.

Shen L.

Great service provided from Michael. Thank you for your help.

Anna G.

I would like to share my great experience working with Lawyer Michael Yoon. I am originally from Russia and I had been living for 4 years in Canada. I decided to move to New Zealand 2 years ago. It wasn’t a spontaneous decision. My oldest brother lived in Christchurch and he was a resident. 

I was on a tourist visa when I arrived in New Zealand. Initially, I applied for skilled immigration through the job offer. My brother had a Russian lawyer who had a good reputation and seemed to be very knowledgeable. I don’t want to go into details but that ‘Russian lawyer’ gave me the wrong advice and made my stay illegal in New Zealand. 

Luckily, I had already met my partner. When my work visa got declined and I became illegal in the country, my partner’s mother advised Michael Yoon. In short, Michael Yoon managed to extend my tourist visa then get me a work partnership visa and after that my residency. 

I want to thank Michael Yoon for the incredible support and professional advice. He was very honest and gave me all possible scenarios and solutions for my difficult case. He replied to my email very fast (within an hour). Because of Michael Yoon, I can finally move on with my life. I am very grateful that I met Michael Yoon.

I would definitely recommend Michael Yoon as an immigration lawyer who is hardworking, honest professional who genuinely wants to help you without overcharging.

Harpal S.

I feel grateful that I found Michael Yoon to lead and direct me during my Residency file. He was very professional, fast on responding to all my questions (and I had a lot) and knowledgeable. His advice was invaluable. I highly recommend Michael Yoon for a wonderful job He does.

Kate K.

Michael was sincere and helpful for approving my resident visa. He helped me for 10 months that was quite long term to get a resident visa. I had an issue when case officer claimed my status and He perfectly solved my issues. If I don't have Michael, I wouldn't get a resident visa. He is a good consulting and counselling what you are at . Highly recommend this immigration lawyer.
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