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Helping migrants and businesses with immigration matters in Auckland since 2006.

With us, you can apply with confidence.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Backed by legal representation with technical excellence, so you can get on with life.

Best Chance for Success

Careful checks ensure all criteria are met, minimising potential pitfalls that can lead to a disappointing outcome.

Continuing Relationship

We’re your partner for the long road ahead, providing ongoing support and care.

We offer a diverse range of services in Auckland tailored to your unique immigration journey.

How we can help

Navigate the complexities of obtaining residency with our comprehensive guidance. Ensure your transition to a permanent stay is smooth.

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Green List - Straight to Residence
  • Green List - Work to Residence
  • Care Workforce Work to Residence
  • Transport Sector Work to Residence
  • Partnership Category
  • Parent Category
  • Parent Retirement Category
  • Dependent Child Category

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Why should I get Immigration Lawyer in Auckland to help me?

  • Immigration laws are intricate and ever-evolving. Having a knowledgeable legal representative ensures you remain informed about any changes and grasp their impact on your case.
  • Our proficient immigration advisory team in Auckland is here to guide you through the complexities of paperwork, deadlines, and requirements, making your visa application process seamless.
  • When faced with complex issues like a PPI (potentially prejudicial information) letter from an immigration officer, we formulate a strategic plan and assemble a winning submission.

How are you different to immigration advisor Auckland?

  • As members of the New Zealand Law Society, it is not a legal requirement for an immigration lawyer to have a current immigration adviser's licence.
  • Lawyers undergo a rigorous four-year legal training programme at tertiary institutes such as the University of Auckland, whereas immigration advisers complete a one-year online training.
  • Immigration advisers and consultants lack the authority to witness and authenticate declarations or certify documents, a privilege held by lawyers.

Our Office Information


Immigration Lawyer Auckland

Candida, Building 4 Level 3/61 Constellation Drive, Rosedale


(By appointment only)

Discover heartwarming stories from clients in Auckland who have turned their dreams into reality.

Client Testimonials

Helped me to get the visa on time

I got my resident visa approved in last year. My case was a difficult one. So I applied my SMC application appeal through Mr. Michael Yoon. He helped me to gather all documents in a professional way and made and presented in front of the IPT & immigration and helped me to get the visa on time. I do recommend Immigration Lawyer Auckland, the best lawyer you can trust for all the Immigration matters.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Bibin J

Bibin J


And boom they did the job

These lawyers are good. They know their job. I found them in Auckland on google, sent them an email and boom they did the job. Their fees are affordable. I recommend these guys. Michael Yoon. Thank you. Thank you 100%.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Enock D

Enock D


His idea was brilliant

Michael helped my residency visa, my case officer was assuming me with character issue. I thought there were no other options for me. I asked Michael for help and Michael’s idea was request to INZ to change my case officer because the case officer was not seeing and treating me with fair-mindedly. His idea was brilliant, it was accepted by technical advisor from INZ in Auckland and my case went well perfectly. Michael is very professional, excellent communicator and work with the facts, advise realistic matters, no giving you false hope. I do highly recommend Michael with confidence.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Ziggy L

Ziggy L


Easy to communicate

A awesome reliable immigration lawyer in Auckland. Quick response and very easy to communicate when you feel anxiety about your visa. Recommended.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Saya F

Saya F


One of the best lawyer in New Zealand

One of the best immigration lawyer in Auckland. Just like a god in my life. Just because Michael finally after long time wait am going to live with my love of life (my wife). Thanks a lot for your help.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Utkarsh



It was a great experience

Working with Michael Yoon was a great experience. They have been very helpful/thorough in answering questions to outline options, in pulling together a (successful) application and in giving sustained support during the chaotic COVID times in Auckland. I am grateful for their services and highly recommend them.

Client Testimonial on Immigration Lawyer  by Kate S

Kate S


Our preparation process in Auckland is designed to guide you at every step of your immigration journey.

How We Look After Your Case

  • Enquire

    Begin your immigration journey by reaching out to our dedicated team for initial consultation and guidance.

  • Engage

    Take the next step forward by formally engaging our services. This involves signing a letter of engagement that outlines our mutual commitments.

  • Prepare

    To ensure a seamless application process, we'll provide a personalised list of necessary documents along with relevant samples, guiding you at every step.

  • Review

    Once your documents are submitted, our team thoroughly reviews them. We'll then offer advice on any additional information or adjustments needed to strengthen your application.

  • Lodgement

    We ensure all details satisfiy the latest immigration requirements before lodging the application. We'll also regularly check on its progress, keeping you informed.

  • Report

    Upon receiving the outcome of your application, we'll promptly report back, ensuring you're well-informed and prepared for the next steps, if any.

Answers to Auckland's frequently asked immigration questions, all in one place.

Related Questions

The fees an immigration lawyer might charge would vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the matter, experience of the lawyer, urgency of the matter, etc. We have an article that will give you an indication on what we charge, please have a look.
The relevant law requires that a person who gives out immigration advice must have an immigration adviser's licence, unless exempt. Lawyers are exempt from having to hold the licence, if they have a current practicing certificate issued by the New Zealand Law Society.
An experienced immigration adviser or a lawyer would have managed thousands of cases. If you value your time, it would be a good idea to hire a professional and do it right the first time than spending many hours and losing sleep over the immigration process.

Our commitment goes beyond paperwork; we prioritise your success in Auckland.

Why Choose Us: The Distinct Advantages We Offer in Auckland

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Decades of Trust

18 years in business, our expertise resonates.

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Unwavering Focus

Specialists in the immigration field, guiding with specialised knowledge.

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Efficient Communication

Quick responses and clear explanation.

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Seamless Visa Processing

Lawyers skilled to streamline visa applications.

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Local Acclaim

Stellar reputation in Auckland highlights our success.

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Reasonable Fees

Affordable rates that won't strain your finances.

Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Auckland
Photograph of Immigration Lawyer Auckland
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Remember, New Zealand immigration laws and policies change constantly, without warning.

Take action now so you don't miss out. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ to discuss your situation today.

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