Why work for MY Law - immigration lawyers?

Find out if we would like to be part of our team.

Why work for us?

Working in immigration law is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. We get to help people achieve their lifelong dream of living in New Zealand and gaining residency. It's a really great feeling knowing that you've made a positive difference.

Here are some things to consider:

Work-life balance

We're all about having that work-life balance and making coming to work as enjoyable as possible. We actively endorse flexible working arrangements.


You will be given plenty of opportunities to further your knowledge and skills in immigration law, as we come across a variety of clients with unique circumstances.

We'll make it rain

There is no pressure to go out and mingle, and introduce new clients to the firm, since we have plenty of work already. Spend more time with your loved ones instead.

No office politics

We are a small, down to earth team. There is no need to please anyone or get in line. We have an open plan office and communication is effortless.

One mission, no distractions

Your mission will be looking after clients' best interests - really owning the files, providing top quality representation, and taking care of the legal work.

Competitive salary

We will put together a competitive package to the right candidate who is willing to grow with our firm.

Be part of journey

Our firm is relatively new in the industry but have clear goals. Your contribution as a founding member will be given serious recognition. 

New Zealand immigration law is constantly changing. Take action now and don't miss out.

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