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Residence ApplicationUnder Family Category, Residence from Work Category, and special instructions

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July 2022
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What is INZ 1000 form used for?

This form is the physical application form for various New Zealand residence application categories, such as the Family Category and Residence from Work Category.

You'll need to complete mandatory sections as well as the section is relevant to your residence visa application category.

Who can fill out INZ 1000 form?

The visa applicant needs to complete and sign the application, along with any included partner and children over 18 years old.

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How to fill out INZ 1000 form

To complete this form, ensure you follow these steps for the applicable sections:

Begin with Section A: Principal Applicant's Personal Details. Complete this section as it's mandatory for all principal applicants. Don't forget to attach two passport-size photographs.

Proceed to Section B: Contact Details. Provide your contact information here, as it's required for all principal applicants.

For Section C: Principal Applicant's Family Details, list all family members, whether they're migrating with you or not. This includes legally or custom-adopted members. However, you don't need to list deceased family members.

If you have a partner, move on to Section D: Partner's Personal Details. Fill in this section if you're legally married, in a civil union, or in a de facto relationship.

In Section E: Partner's Family Details, provide information about your partner's family members, regardless of whether they're migrating with you. Just like before, you don't have to list deceased family members.

Now, turn your attention to Section F: Dependent Children if you have dependent children. Give details about each dependent child included in your application. If you don't have any dependent children in this application, skip to Section G: Character Requirements.

For everyone aged 17 years and above included in the application, complete Section G: Character Requirements by answering the provided questions.

If applicable to your situation, complete one of the following sections depending on your category: Section I: Residence from Work Category, Section J: Family: Partnership Category, Section K: Family: Dependent Child Category, Section L: Refugee Family Support Category, Section M: Pacific Access Category, Section N: Samoan Quota Scheme, or Section O: Employees of a Relocating Business Category.

Finally, move to Section P: Declaration. This is where you, the principal applicant, along with any partner and dependent children aged 18 years and over who are part of the application, must sign. Make sure you fully understand the declarations before signing them.

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