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Financial Undertaking for a StudentSupporting information for an application for a student visa

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August 2022
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What is INZ 1014 form used for?

INZ 1014 is used for providing a financial undertaking for a student visa application in New Zealand. It is a form that allows a third party, such as a relative or friend, to demonstrate their commitment to financially support a student during their stay in New Zealand. The form outlines the requirements and responsibilities of the third party in terms of meeting the student’s financial needs.

Who can fill out INZ 1014 form?

INZ 1014 can be filled out by a third party who wishes to provide a financial undertaking for a student applying for a visa in New Zealand. The third party can be a natural person, such as a relative or friend of the applicant, or a non-natural person who nominates an individual as an authorised contact. Only one person can support each student, and they must genuinely intend to meet the financial undertakings and have sufficient funds for the student they are supporting.

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How to fill out INZ 1014 form

Section A pertains to the student’s details. It requires the student’s name as shown in their passport, including their family/last name and given/first name(s). Additionally, it asks for the student’s intended stay in New Zealand, specifying the duration in years and months.

Section B focuses on the third party’s details. It begins with questions for friends or relatives, requesting their family/last name, given/first name(s), any other names they are known by, gender, date of birth, town/city of birth, country of birth, country of citizenship, residential address, and contact information. If the third party is not a friend or relative, they are directed to skip to the next section.

Section C is the financial undertaking section. It requires the length of the financial undertaking to be specified in years and months. The section includes checkboxes to indicate agreement and acceptance of responsibility for the student’s maintenance costs, outward travel expenses, and maternity health services if required. The maintenance costs vary depending on the student’s level of education, with different rates for compulsory education level and tertiary/non-compulsory courses. The guarantor is also asked to confirm whether they hold sufficient funds in their bank account to act as a guarantor for the specified duration and if they have attached bank statements as evidence.

Section D is the third party’s declaration. In this section, the third party confirms their understanding of the questions and contents of the form and asserts that the information provided is true and correct. They also declare that the funds held in their bank account are their own and have not been borrowed or loaned from a third party for the purposes of the financial undertaking. The third party authorises the bank to disclose their personal details and information to Immigration New Zealand if requested. They are made aware that making false statements or providing misleading information may result in legal consequences.

Section E is the bank confirmation section, which is to be completed by the guarantor’s bank. This section verifies that the person providing the financial undertaking has an account with the bank and has sufficient funds to cover the undertaking. The bank officer signs and dates the confirmation.

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