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Work Visa ApplicationBased on qualifications, employment or humanitarian reasons

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INZ 1015
Immigration New Zealand
January 2023
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What is INZ 1015 form used for?

INZ 1015 is a work visa application form which you can print out, complete and send to Immigration New Zealand for types of work visa applications such as:

  • Work to Residence: Accredited Employer
  • Work to Residence: Arts Culture and Sports
  • Work to Residence: Long Term Skill Shortage List
  • Specific Purpose or Event
  • Primary Sector Trainees
  • Free Trade Agreement special work
  • Student and trainee work
  • Work exchange
  • Foreign crew of fishing vessels
  • Religious Worker
  • Post-study work visa
  • Refugee or protection status claimant.
  • Victims of Family Violence

Who can fill out INZ 1015 form?

If you wish to apply for any of the work visa categories mentioned earlier and are unable to use the online application process, complete the Work Visa Application Form (INZ 1015) in paper format and submit it to Immigration New Zealand to apply for a work visa in New Zealand.

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How to fill out INZ 1015 form

Section A requires applicants to provide personal information such as their full name, preferred title, gender, date of birth, town/city of birth, and passport details. It also includes questions about other citizenships held and partnership status.

Section B asks applicants to provide their current residential address, telephone numbers, and email address. If they are currently in New Zealand, they need to provide their most recent overseas address. There is also a question about authorising a person or organisation to act on their behalf.

Section C asks whether they have received immigration advice on their application. If they have, they need to ensure that their immigration adviser completes Section H: Immigration adviser’s details.

Section D requires applicants to answer questions related to their health and character. They may need to provide medical and chest X-ray certificates if required. Police certificates may also be required to assess their character.

In Section E, applicants who hold a current New Zealand work visa can skip this section and proceed to Section F: Job offer. Others need to provide details about their current employment, previous employment, and qualifications obtained. They may also need to answer specific questions if applying for a post-study work visa.

Section F asks applicants whether they have a job offer in New Zealand. If they do, they need to provide the name and address of the employer, as well as the position offered and the ANZSCO occupation code.

Section G requires applicants declare that they have provided true and correct answers in the form. They agree to inform Immigration New Zealand about any changes in their circumstances and understand the consequences of providing false or misleading information.

Section H needs to be filled if applicants have received immigration advice, their immigration adviser needs to complete this section, providing their details and confirming that they are licensed or exempt.

Section I allows applicants to provide any additional information they believe is relevant to their application. It is an optional section where they can explain or clarify certain aspects of their application.

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