INZ 1160 Form Explained

Immigration Adviser DetailsSupplementary form for providing immigration adviser details

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INZ 1160
Immigration New Zealand
March 2021
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What is INZ 1160 form used for?

This form is used if you want to switch your immigration adviser and you intend to do so after your application has been received by Immigration New Zealand. Additionally, you can use this form to update the contact details of your current immigration adviser.

Furthermore, if you want your immigration adviser to communicate with the physician responsible for your health examination, or if you want your adviser to interact with Immigration New Zealand regarding your health examination before formally submitting your visa application, this form is needed.

You will need to provide the completed form to your physician or the clinic managing your health examination records.

Who can fill out INZ 1160 form?

The visa applicant will need to complete and sign this form, as well as the new immigration adviser appointed.

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How to fill out INZ 1160 form

The visa applicant will need to fill out Section A (application details), Section B (contact details) and Section C (declaration). The newly appointed immigration adviser will need to fill out and sign Section D.

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