INZ 1178 Form Explained

Partnership Support Form for ResidenceFor applications under the Partnership Category of Residence Instructions

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INZ 1178
Immigration New Zealand
March 2021
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What is INZ 1178 form used for?

This form is intended for providing support to an applicant seeking New Zealand residence under the Partnership Category within the framework of New Zealand Government Residence instructions.

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INZ 1178 form contains a statutory declaration, which requires a lawyer to witness the sponsor's signature. Unless it has been properly executed in accordance with the legal requirements, Immigration New Zealand will not accept it.
We provide an online certificate service where the sponsor will be able to sign the form in front of our lawyer in a video call, whether at home or at work, saving you the hassle of driving to a law firm for witnessing.
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Who can fill out INZ 1178 form?

This form is filled and signed by the sponsoring partner who is the holder of a New Zealand residence class visa or a New Zealand citizen, who is in a genuine and stable relationship with the applicant, and is an eligible sponsor.

You generally need to be 18 years or older to provide support for an application under the Partnership Category. However, if you're 16 or 17 years old, you can only offer support with the consent of your parents or guardians.

In instances where this form mentions the 'principal applicant,' it is referring to the individual designated as the principal applicant in the Residence Application form (INZ 1000). The term 'applicant' pertains to any person included in that residence application.

It's important to note that completing this partnership support form does not guarantee the approval of the residence application for the individual(s) you are supporting. Applicants must fulfill all the requirements of the Partnership Category before they can be granted residence in New Zealand.

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How to fill out INZ 1178 form

Every sponsoring partner is required to complete both Section A and Section B, followed by signing the declaration in Section C.

This declaration must be witnessed by an individual authorised to administer statutory declarations, which can include an immigration lawyer, Justice of the Peace, or a notary public. It's important to ensure you understand the declarations before signing Section C.

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