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Parent Category Expression of Interest (EOI) FormSubmit EOI into the Parent Category Ballot Pool

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INZ 1202
Immigration New Zealand
November 2023
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What is INZ 1202 form used for?

INZ 1202 is an Expression of Interest (EOI) form used for individuals who are interested in applying for residence in New Zealand under the Parent Category. It serves as a means for individuals to express their interest and provide necessary information regarding their eligibility, character, family relationships, health, financial/sponsorship, and English language proficiency. The form is submitted to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for consideration and potential invitation to apply for residence.

Who can fill out INZ 1202 form?

INZ 1202 can be filled out by individuals who are interested in applying for residence in New Zealand under the Parent Category. This includes individuals who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the form, such as having a qualifying family relationship, meeting character requirements, and fulfilling the necessary financial and sponsorship obligations. The form is to be completed by the applicant themselves or with the assistance of an immigration lawyer or other authorised person.

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How to fill out INZ 1202 form

INZ 1202 form provides instructions on how to complete the form and emphasises the importance of answering all questions unless directed otherwise. If a question does not apply, it should be marked as “N/A” or “not applicable.” Failure to provide necessary information may result in the form being returned.

The form includes sections for personal details, family details, and sponsor details. It also covers various requirements for eligibility, such as character, family relationship, health, financial/sponsorship, and English language. There are specific questions regarding criminal history, involvement in terrorist activities, drug trading, and membership in criminal or extremist groups.

The document also mentions the collection of personal information, which is used to determine eligibility for residence and may be shared with other government agencies. It states that personal information will not be shared with airline check-in agents, but a boarding message will be sent based on the information provided in the form.

The form includes sections for providing details of family members, including parents, siblings, and children. It also asks for information about the sponsor, including their income, eligibility, and sponsorship history. There is an option to include a second sponsor if applicable.

The document provides instructions on how to pay the expression of interest fee and where to send the completed form. It advises against sending any additional documents with the expression of interest.

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