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Parent Category Residence ApplicationApply for residence under the Parent Category

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INZ 1206
Immigration New Zealand
November 2023
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What is INZ 1206 form used for?

INZ 1206 is a form titled “Parent Category Residence Application” provided by Immigration New Zealand. It is used by individuals who have received an invitation to apply for residence under the Parent Category. The form collects personal details, evidence of relationship to a sponsoring New Zealand resident or citizen adult child, and other necessary information to assess eligibility for residence in New Zealand.

Who can fill out INZ 1206 form?

INZ 1206, the Parent Category Residence Application form, can be filled out by individuals who have received an invitation to apply for residence under the Parent Category in New Zealand. It is specifically designed for those who are seeking to establish their eligibility for residence based on their relationship to a sponsoring New Zealand resident or citizen adult child.

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How to fill out INZ 1206 form

INZ 1206 form consists of several sections and requires applicants to provide personal details, evidence of their relationship to a sponsoring New Zealand resident or citizen adult child, and meet certain application requirements.

Section A of the form pertains to the principal applicant’s personal details, including their name, gender, date of birth, and citizenship. It also requires information about the applicant’s passports and partnership status.

Section B focuses on the principal applicant’s contact details, including their address, telephone numbers, fax, and email.

Section C deals with character requirements and asks about the applicant’s military service, association with violent groups or organizations, and involvement in war crimes or human rights abuses.

Section D pertains to character requirements as well and asks the applicant to list the countries they and their family members have lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years. It also asks if police certificates have been attached for all countries lived in and for the applicant’s country/countries of citizenship.

Section E covers health requirements and asks if the applicant and their partner have submitted a medical certificate and chest X-ray certificate within the last 36 months. It also provides options for submitting further certificates if necessary.

Section F allows applicants to indicate any amendments or new information they wish to provide regarding their Expression of Interest form.

Section G focuses on application requirements and asks for evidence of the applicant’s relationship to their sponsoring New Zealand resident or citizen adult child. It also requires the completion of a Sponsorship Form for Residence (INZ 1024) and the provision of Inland Revenue tax statements showing that the sponsor(s) meet the minimum income requirements. Additionally, it asks for English language test results if applicable.

Section H contains the declaration that must be signed by the principal applicant and any partner included in the application. It emphasizes the importance of providing true and complete information and warns of the consequences of making false statements.

Section I is for the details of the person assisting the applicant in completing the form, including whether they provided immigration advice or acted as an interpreter/translator.

Section J pertains to the payment of the application fee and immigration levy, providing information on acceptable methods of payment.

Section K provides information about the collection and use of the applicant’s information by Immigration New Zealand for decision-making and research purposes.

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