INZ 1209, Explained

National Security Check Form

Certain nationalities will automatically trigger the requirement to provide this form
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INZ 1209
Immigration New Zealand
July 2022
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What is INZ 1209 used for?

This form is intended to gather supplementary information about the visa applicant, if deemed necessary by Immigration New Zealand. Applicants from certain countries such as China, Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka are subject to this requirement. This form will be used by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service to complete of a National Security Check as part of your application process.

Who can fill out INZ 1209?

The visa applicant will need to complete and sign the form.

Preview of INZ 1209 form

How to fill out INZ 1209

If anyone has aided or advised you while filling out this form, they are required to complete Section F: Declaration by person assisting the applicant.

Please ensure you provide comprehensive responses to each question. Inadequate information might lead to requests for clarification, potentially prolonging the processing of your application. If the space provided is insufficient for your answers, you can fill them out on an extra page and attach it to this form.

Unsure about something?

It is important to file your form correctly and to provide all of the required documentation. Immigration Lawyers New Zealand will stay with you from start to finish! Learn more about what we can do to help.
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