INZ 1224 Explained

Visitor Visa Declaration FormA declaration for visitor visa applicants if another person is applying online on their behalf

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INZ 1224
Immigration New Zealand
April 2022
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What is INZ 1224 form used for?

This form is used if someone else will make an online application on your behalf for a visitor visa, a reconsideration of a decision to reject an extension of a visitor visa or a variation of conditions of a visitor visa. This includes to situations where you are aged 18 or above and have been included in the visitor visa application of your partner or parent.

Who can fill out INZ 1224 form?

This form needs to be filled and signed by the visa applicant himself, herself, or themselves, if another person is applying for the visitor visa  or other related applications online on their behalf.

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How to fill out INZ 1224 form

You are required to sign Section A for the following purposes:

  • To demonstrate your comprehension of and agreement with the statements concerning your application and any potential granted visa.
  • To signify your consent for the application's submission.

You must sign EITHER Section B or Section C to indicate that you have granted someone else the authority to submit the application online on your behalf:

  • Select Section B if the individual completing the form is a licensed immigration adviser or is exempt from holding a licence such as immigration lawyers, and if this person will continue to represent you throughout the application processing.
  • Choose Section C if the individual completing the form is only aiding you by entering your details into the online form and submitting it on your behalf.

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