INZ 1242 Form Explained

Resident Visa Declaration FormA declaration for resident visa applicants if another person is applying online on their behalf

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INZ 1242
Immigration New Zealand
November 2023
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What is INZ 1242 form used for?

Complete this form if someone else will be filing an online application on your behalf. This also applies if you are over 18 and have been included in your parent's resident visa application.

Who can fill out INZ 1242 form?

The visa applicant should complete this form and sign it, along with the partner and dependent children (if any) who will need to sign it as well.

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How to fill out INZ 1242 form

Section A of the form should be signed to confirm your comprehension of the application statements, your agreement with them, and your consent to submitting the application.

Additionally, if your application submitter holds a license as an immigration adviser or is exempt from licensing such as an immigration lawyer, and will maintain their role after submitting your application, you must also sign Section B.

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