224 Accredited Employers Banned from Hiring Migrant Workers!

Michael Yoon
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224 NZ employers lost accreditation, 76 suspended for non-compliance. Changes to AEWV scheme aim to protect migrant workers and uphold standards. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ for any questions.

Today in this immigration news, we take a look into a pressing issue underpinning our country's stance on immigration and labour markets — the current situation surrounding the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme. As of the latest update, it appears that a concerning number of employers are falling short of maintaining the standards required under this programme.

To put it plainly, over 200 New Zealand employers have been barred from hiring migrant talent due to non-compliance with the rules laid out by Immigration NZ. As of 8 April, we have seen 224 employers stripped of their accreditation and another 76 have had their rights suspended. Now, this isn’t just a matter of paperwork not being filed or a few minor slip-ups; this is about failing to meet the necessary immigration, employment, and business standards set by our government to protect workers and maintain fair labour practices.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting—Immigration NZ is currently reviewing the accreditation of another 50 employers for possible revocation and four more for suspension. And why, you might ask? Because, according to Immigration NZ, the suspension of an employer's accreditation "minimises immigration harm where there are reasonable concerns that an employer is not complying with the relevant standards."

Now, I’d argue that this is a critical moment for reflection on our system’s robustness and integrity. With a staggering 199 active investigations and a total of 2,625 complaints against accredited employers, we must ask ourselves: are our policies too lenient or are our enforcement measures too slack?

The government is not sitting idly by, however. Amidst near-record migration levels this year, a series of changes to the AEWV scheme have been announced, including new requirements for English language competency for certain roles, a reduction in the maximum continuous stay, and increased thresholds for skills and work experience.

The intentions are clear: to enhance the integrity of the scheme and prevent the exploitation of migrant workers. Yet, as the Public Service Commission pointed out in February, Immigration NZ could and should have done more to minimise the risk of abuse within this scheme.

It's time for a serious conversation about how we balance the scales between welcoming migrant talent and ensuring that the standards meant to protect that talent are not just window dressing. We need a system that works effectively and fairly, not one that finds itself bogged down by repeated failures to comply.

This isn’t just about bureaucracy, my friends—it's about real people and the quality of governance we expect and demand in our country. Let’s hope the adjustments to the AEWV scheme are not just quick fixes but sustainable solutions to a problem that affects the very fabric of our workforce.

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