Immigration NZ Confident in Handling Surge in PRV Applications

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Immigration NZ is confident in handling the surge in permanent residence applications after granting fast-track residence to over 200,000 migrants. Online forms for permanent resident visa applications have been made available recently, but some encountered technical issues. However, INZ remains optimistic about the capabilities of its Enhanced Immigration Online platform to handle higher volumes of applications.

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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has expressed confidence in its ability to handle the anticipated surge in applications for permanent residence. As a result of a post-lockdown policy that granted fast-track residence to over 200,000 migrants, these individuals are now eligible to apply for permanent settlement.

In the past two years, more than 3,500 people have already filled out their permanent resident visa applications, with online forms made available only recently. However, some applicants encountered technical issues during the initial stages, receiving error messages and being advised to keep trying.

INZ has received only six requests from customers who had difficulty lodging their applications online due to exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, the agency remains optimistic about the capabilities of its Enhanced Immigration Online platform, affirming that it can handle higher volumes of Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) applications.

The director of online services at INZ, Katy MacLeod, assures that they are actively monitoring the system performance while remaining confident in its capacity to handle the increasing influx of applications.

Migrants who have spoken to RNZ highlight that gaining permanent residence is not only a crucial step towards citizenship but also liberates them from travel restrictions. One individual expressed feeling trapped in New Zealand, as leaving for a work trip could exceed the 10-day limit and potentially result in complications.

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