Immigration NZ Uncovers Fake Visa Operation

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In this immigration news, visa agents charged for aiding unlawful work in New Zealand. Immigration NZ uncovers fabricated documents for visitor visa applicants seeking work in horticulture and viticulture sectors. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ for any questions.

You wouldn't believe this immigration news NZ, but it's true. Two visa agents in Thailand have been caught red-handed, and what a story it is. It starts with Immigration New Zealand waving a red flag about two operators churning out fake documents like there's no tomorrow, targeting unsuspecting rural workers in Thailand.

AEC Thai Development, spearheaded by Jirasin Bunyasing, was in the thick of this. They were cranking out false bank statements and employment letters. Why? So these folks could pop over to New Zealand, ostensibly to visit, but with plans to dig into work, particularly in the juicy sectors of horticulture and viticulture.

Here’s where it gets interesting — over 100 cases were discovered. These weren’t just tourists looking to bungee jump in Queenstown; they potentially had plans to work illegally. And Bunyasing? He wasn’t handing these fake papers out for peanuts. No, he was charging a considerable sum, and if your visa got knocked back? No refunds, thank you very much.

But the net widens. The Royal Thai Police, upon executing a search warrant, uncovered a rabbit hole of fraudulent applications not just to New Zealand, but to Australia, the UK, and South Korea. Bunyasing wasn’t shy about his methods either; he confessed on video, detailing how he faked these documents.

The charges? Initially, fraudulent use of a computer, for starters. Both Bunyasing and one of his employees are now facing the music.

Geoff Scott, Immigration New Zealand's national manager, didn't miss a beat in praising this as a prime example of international teamwork. He’s talking about clamping down on visa fraud and people smuggling, setting a stern warning to other visa agents too cocky to play by the rules.

Scott’s message is crystal clear: "We can find out who you are and ensure you face appropriate consequences," backed by a global network ready to uphold the law.

It’s a tale of caution, really, highlighting the dark side of the immigration industry, where some believe they can operate with impunity. But as this case shows, the arm of the law is long and ready to defend the integrity of borders.

Stay tuned, because this story is only just unfolding, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll serve as a stern warning to anyone thinking they can bend the rules without consequence. And that's all for today. Do subscribe and follow me for more immigration new zealand news like this. Ka Kite Ano.

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