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The closure of the ELE Group has had a significant impact on over 1,000 workers in New Zealand, many of whom are migrants on work visas. Fortunately, over 100 of these individuals have already been offered new job opportunities and assistance with their visa applications. Immigration NZ has established a special team to provide the necessary support to these affected workers as they transition into new employment. Employees of New Zealand businesses are helping these vulnerable migrants regain stability in their professional lives and manage the challenges brought about by the closure of the ELE Group. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ for any questions.

Several companies in New Zealand have stepped up to offer job opportunities to migrants who lost their jobs after the closure of the ELE Group, a labour hire company. This closure has had a significant impact on over 1,000 permanent staff, casual workers, and contractors. According to Dennis Maga from First Union, at least 250 of these affected individuals are migrants on work visas.

Fortunately, more than 100 of these workers have already been offered new jobs and are awaiting the opportunity to apply for new visas after the Christmas break. In addition to job offers, the affected workers have also been receiving groceries and vouchers in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

To assist these workers with visa matters, Immigration New Zealand has reportedly established a special team. The team will provide necessary support to ensure that these workers can successfully obtain new visas for their new job opportunities. The efforts to assist these individuals are ongoing as they navigate the challenges brought about by the closure of the ELE Group.

The closure of the ELE Group has not only impacted the affected workers but has also created a ripple effect on various industries and companies. The closure of the group's five companies has compelled other businesses to step in and offer employment opportunities to these migrants. This demonstrates the resilience and collaborative spirit of the New Zealand business community in supporting those affected by this unfortunate situation.

The actions taken by these companies highlight the importance of community support and solidarity during difficult times. By providing job offers and assistance with visa applications, these companies are helping migrants recover from their sudden job loss and empowering them to rebuild their lives in New Zealand.

The efforts being made to assist these workers also underscore the significance of Immigration New Zealand's role in ensuring the smooth transition of workers affected by unforeseen circumstances. By establishing a special team to specifically address the visa needs of these individuals, Immigration New Zealand is demonstrating its commitment to supporting migrants and providing them with the necessary resources to navigate through challenging situations.

The closure of the ELE Group and the subsequent offer of employment opportunities to affected workers by various New Zealand companies exemplify the country's commitment to inclusivity and support for its migrant population. It is heartening to see the community coming together to help these individuals during a time of uncertainty and upheaval. The continued efforts of the special team set up by Immigration New Zealand will play a crucial role in ensuring that these workers can secure new visa arrangements and regain stability in their professional lives.

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