Partnership Visa Caution - You CAN'T Work For Overseas Employer

Michael Yoon
Principal Immigration Lawyer
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In this NZ immigration news, INZ updated its policy to clarify Partnership Visa holders can't work for overseas employers remotely. Stay compliant with visa conditions to avoid potential breaches and consequences. Contact Immigration Lawyer NZ for any questions.

So, if you're a Partner of a Worker with a Work Visa in New Zealand, here's the INZ newsflash: working remotely for an overseas company could land you in hot water if your visa says you must work for an accredited employer.

Yes, Immigration New Zealand is quite clear about it. According to their instruction W2.2.5(b), 'New Zealand' work includes any activity for gain or reward, irrespective of whether you're paid by a Kiwi or an overseas outfit. That's straight out of section 4 of the Immigration Act 2009. And it's worth noting, their W2.2.1 instruction on 'work' doesn't exclude remote work for an overseas employer.

So, if you're living in New Zealand on this visa and working remotely for a foreign company, you might be breaching your visa conditions. It's as simple as that.

This seems a bit overzealous, doesn’t it? Especially in this era where remote work is the new normal. Yet, the law is the law, and those rules don’t appear to leave much room for the realities of modern work practices.

Now, you might think, "What's the harm?" You’re not taking a job from a Kiwi, right? Well, the rules don't see it that way. It's about compliance and sticking to the terms of your visa. Otherwise, you could face consequences.

This is another example of where bureaucracy seems out of touch with the flexible work arrangements many of us have embraced. New Zealand's beautiful landscape might inspire dreams of a remote working paradise, but if you're on this visa, it’s not quite so simple.

So, if you're here on a Partner of a Worker Work Visa, and you've got a gig with an overseas employer, it might be time to have a serious rethink. Make sure you're not inadvertently jeopardising your stay in this great country. Always best to play it safe and check your visa conditions thoroughly or get professional advice if you’re in doubt. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay updated about immigration. Thanks for watching, and see you next time!

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