Apply again after visa declined

Has your visa been declined by Immigration New Zealand decision? It is possible to ask for reconsideration.

Challenge Work Visa declined decision by Immigration New Zealand

If your visa application has been declined by Immigration New Zealand and you do not agree with the way the decision has been made, rather than putting in a new application, you could consider requesting a reconsideration of the decision. This costs less and is quicker than putting in a whole new application.

This option however can only be used if you still have a valid visa while in New Zealand, and if you lodge the reconsideration request within 14 days of the work visa declined decision. If your visa has already run out, the only option you will have will be to put in a Section 61 application.

Get advice

You will need to review whether Immigration New Zealand's decision was made in a fair and proper manner. Talk to us and ensure the chances of getting your visa approved are maximised.

New Zealand immigration law is constantly changing. Take action now and don't miss out.

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