Hong Kong Police Certificate for Immigration Purposes

On this page you will find details on how you can apply for a police check from Hong Kong.

Find out how you can get a PCC for Hong Kong for INZ

For citizens residing outside the country
Hong Kong Police Certificate Sample
Sample Hong Kong police check

What to request

Certificate of No Criminal Conviction

How to apply

If you are outside New Zealand, send all requests for a letter of authority to: HKPC@mbie.govt.nz

You must provide the following information in your email request:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • Hong Kong ID number
  • current residential region if not Hong Kong
  • the type of visa you are applying for

When you have received the letter of authority, you need to provide it and the other required documents to the Hong Kong Police

The Commissioner of Police
(Attn: EO CNCC)
14/F, Arsenal House, Police Headquarters
1 Arsenal Street
Wan Chai
Hong Kong



What to provide

You will need to provide:

  • letter of authority from INZ
  • completed fingerprint consent form
  • completed Application for Certificate of No Criminal Conviction form
  • completed standard personal data form
  • photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card or travel document, showing the Chinese Commercial Code numbers
  • full set of fingerprints, taken and certified by a recognised and official police or law enforcement agency where you currently reside

Certification of the fingerprints must clearly state:

  • the name and rank of the person taking the fingerprints
  • the full name of the police or law enforcement agency
  • the date and place they were taken

Fees to pay

You may need to pay a fee. Contact the issuing authority for further details.

Processing time

You should allow enough time to obtain this document before it is required for your visa application. Contact the issuing authority to find out how long your request for a police certificate will take.

Further information

The Hong Kong Police will only issue a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction if you provide a letter of authority signed by an immigration officer on behalf of Immigration New Zealand (INZ). The Hong Kong Police will send the certificate to the INZ office that issued the letter of authority.
If you are applying for a visa using Immigration Online, upload a receipt for the certificate given to you by the Hong Kong Police. You can use the date you are submitting the visa application as the certificate issue date.

Your certificate must be less than 6 months old when you submit your application to Immigration New Zealand.

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