For Investors


If you have the money, and can afford to have it tied up for a number of years, then applying under the Investor Category is probably the easiest way to gain New Zealand residence.

There are two sub-categories, and you will need either NZ$10 million (about US$8 million) or NZ$2.5 million (about US$2 million), depending on which one you choose to apply under. The first one has less strings attached than the other.



  • Pretty much hands free - no need to work, or run a business
  • Relatively quicker processing time, conditional residence visa will usually issue within 3-6 months
  • No restriction as to where you can reside
  • If you have children their school fees will be the same as locals
  • No capital gains tax or gift tax
  • Might even end up getting a good return on investment


  • Money tied up for 3-4 years
  • Need to spend minimum time in New Zealand (although not such a bad thing!)

Sounds like you? Read about it in more detail from here.