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INZ1134 Additional Details FormSubmit extra details when needed for processing your application to enter or stay in New Zealand

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INZ 1134
Immigration New Zealand
March 2021
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What is the INZ 1134 form?

This form is used to provide supplementary information as requested during the processing of your application for entry or residency in New Zealand, including whether you have completed military service in any country, associated with intelligence agency, groups promoting violence, human rights abuses, etc.

It is a 'lite' version of a INZ 1209 National Security Check form that asks a lot more questions.

Who can fill out INZ 1134 form?

INZ 1134, the Additional Details Form, can be filled out by the applicant themselves or with the assistance of an immigration lawyer or any person who can provide immigration advice, explain, translate, or record information on the form. If the applicant does not have an immigration lawyer and no one helped them fill out the form, the section requiring the declaration by the person assisting the applicant does not need to be completed.

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How to fill out INZ 1134 form

Section A requires applicants to provide their personal information. This includes their name as shown in their passport, gender, date of birth, town/city and country of birth, and country/countries of citizenship. Applicants also need to provide details of their passport(s), including the passport number, country of issue, and expiry date.

Section B collects additional information about the applicants. It begins with a question asking whether the applicant has a national identity number or unique identifier issued by any government. If applicable, the applicant needs to provide this information. The section also asks about military service, requiring applicants to provide details such as dates of service, position/rank, unit(s) served in, and role within each unit. There are also questions regarding military identity numbers and whether the applicant is presently subject to military service obligations in any country. If the applicant has been associated with any intelligence agency or group, or law enforcement agency, or has been involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and/or human rights abuses, they need to provide a description.

Section C is mandatory for all applicants. It states that the information provided on the form will be used to determine the applicant’s visa application. It emphasises that making false statements or providing false or misleading information may result in the application being declined, deportation, and potential prosecution. The applicant needs to declare that they understand the questions and contents of the form, and that the information provided is true and complete. They also need to declare that they will inform Immigration New Zealand (INZ) of any relevant facts or changes that may affect their application or entry permission.

Section D is to be completed and signed by the applicant’s immigration lawyer or any person who has assisted the applicant. It confirms that the person assisting the applicant has provided correct information and that the applicant agreed to it. There are options to indicate the type of assistance provided, such as interpreter/translator, recording information on the form, or providing immigration advice.

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