When and how do I pay for my application?

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You need to pay the correct fee when you submit your application, otherwise we cannot begin to process your application.

The amount you have to pay varies, depending on the type of application, your country of citizenship and where you are currently located.

There are two ways to find out the fee you have to pay:

  • use our online Fee Finder, or
  • download our leaflet Immigration New Zealand’s Guide to Fees (NZIS 1028).

How to pay the fee

Using the online fee finder will tell you:

  • the fee in the local currency of your receiving office,
  • where your application needs to be sent, and
  • how that payment should be made (some branches have different payment facilities).

Please do not send cash to us by mail, as this is not secure.

Things to note:

  • In some cases your application fee will be waived due to bilateral fee-waiver agreements New Zealand has with other countries. Please check pages 5 and 6 of the Fees Guide for more information about these fee-waiver agreements.
  • People who submitted an application for residence before the 7th of December, 2015 may still need to pay the Migrant Levy fee. They will need to check the information on their Approval in Principle letter they are given by their Immigration Officer for further information on how to pay this fee.
  • Please note that your fee will not be refunded if your application is declined. The article “Application Fee refunds” (linked below) has more information on this topic.

I’m eligible for a fee-waiver but my partner, who is included in my application, is not. Do we need to pay an application fee.

No. The fees charged will depend on the Principal Applicant’s passport.

If you are the Principal Applicant and your country has a bilateral fee waiver agreement, then your application (and any secondary applicants included in the same application) will have the visa application fee waived.

Does a fee-waiver apply to Visa Application Centre (VAC) fees?

No. Bi-lateral fee waivers do not apply to VAC facilitation fees or courier fees. Please see the Japan VAC page as an example.

This answer was last updated on 19 October, 2017.

From Immigration New Zealand website under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 3.0 New Zealand Licence.