Health Care Assistant

Get visa sponsorship in Kumeu, Auckland as Health Care Assistant. Please note that you will have to make your own enquiries with the employer directly.
This job listing is now closed.
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ABC Aged Care Limited is hiring for permanent and casual positions in two lovely rest homes set in semi-rural areas. Up to 40 hours per week are on offer, spread across various shifts. Applicants must hold Healthcare Qualifications at Level 3 or 4.

Job title
Health Care Assistant
Job listing closed
Kumeu, Auckland
Healthcare & Medical
Full time


$23.15 – $28.25 per hour
This job listing is now closed.

ABC Aged Care Limited is the parent of two beautiful Rest homes; ABC which is a beautiful continuing care home situated in an idyllic semi-rural location and ABC, a 15 bedroom ‘memory assisted lifestyle’ home set on 12 acres of farmland, with an environment specifically designed for females living with dementia.

Permanent and casual roles available in both locations and across morning, afternoon and night shifts. Up to 40 hours/week.

Monday to Sunday shifts.
Ongoing casual staff and weekend cover needed!
ABC is an accredited employer however, NZ Residents and people with current work visa's will be considered first and given priority.
Ideally NZ Residents or have Work Visa with no restrictions.

Benefits and perks

A supportive & friendly team in a home setting.
Working with a high care partner to patient ratio.
Travel against the Auckland traffic for quick commuting.
A caring environment that values the quality of the interactions with residents
You can hang out with animals at work!
The ability to build relationships with our residents.
Professional Healthcare Qualifications equivalent to Level 3 and 4.
Work within a high performing and quality rest home.
The opportunity to take on more responsibility and growth in your role.
No uniforms required.
Pay bonuses for full rosters.

Requirements of role:

can work morning/afternoon/evening shifts including weekends;
prefer at least one years' experience working in aged care in New Zealand;
has a positive, can-do attitude;
is reliable and turns up to work on time, every time;
has excellent spoken and written English skills;
has great communication and teamwork skills;
is passionate about aged care and wants a career with us for the long term;
have reliable transport to Kumeu;
have the current legal right to work in New Zealand;
if you are on a working visa, you must have at least 12 months left before expiry.
A high standard of care is expected.
Passionate about aged care.
Medication competency, basic monitoring, and wound care skills are highly regarded.

Duties List

The Care Partner will perform the personal caring procedures that support each resident with daily living activities as taught during orientation, as laid out in our Procedures Manual and as demonstrated.  This is under the direction and supervision of the Registered Nurse.

Carries out the following as documented in the Resident’s Care Plan:

Maintenance of Resident’s Personal Hygiene:

Bath, shower, sponge, wash hair
Hygiene for incontinence
Clean teeth/dentures – simple mouth cares
Cut and clean fingernails
Grooming – hair care, make up, shaving for Residents

Maintenance of Resident’s Continence / Incontinence Management:

Toileting and prompting residents regularly
Uses appropriate continence aids
Carries out basic bowel care
Empties catheter drainage bag

Maintenance of Resident’s Comfort:

Positions residents correctly
Change’s position of resident regularly
Use comfort aids

Maintenance of Resident’s Appearance / Warmth:

Supervise / assist resident with dressing and undressing
Dresses resident in appropriate and comfortable clothing
Dresses the resident in their own clothing that they choose

Maintenance of Resident’s Nutrition / Hydration

Supervise / assist residents with:
- Meals / Fluids
- Documents fluid intake and outputs on 24 Hour Care Record

Carry out the following as documented in facility policies and procedures.
Maintenance of Resident’s Environment:

Put away resident’s clean clothing
Put away equipment after use so environment is safe
Bed making
Clean commodes
Rinsing faeces, blood, urine and vomit off linen
Wipe faeces, blood, urine and vomit off floor, equipment, furniture
Sanitise pans and urinals in sluice room/sanitizer
Wipe up any spillages immediately
Rinses and dries wash bowl and stores upside down/load and unload the steriliser

Mobility / Safety:

Use appropriate lifting transferring techniques as per our policies
Use appropriate equipment as required
Supervise / assist residents with mobility
Give passive exercises as per care plan
Keep residents’ living environment safe

Observations / Reporting:

Report and observe behavioural, physical and/or emotional changes to the Registered Nurse
Reports complaints about care to the Registered Nurse or Clinical Nurse Manager

Nursing Care Plans:

Be involved in discussions and planning regarding resident care
Assist the Registered Nurse by providing information for updating care plans
Sign for all care as it is given on the 24-Hour Care Record
Document bowel movements on Bowel Record
Observes and reports any changes of Residents to the

Activities / Communication:

Keep residents in touch with time, day, date, place of activities and encourage attendance
Support independence and residents maintaining relationships with family, friends, community, staff buddy’s and pets
Support Activities Team with resident participation in activities
Assist resident with communication needs


Carry out simple treatments as directed by Registered Nurse or as per nursing care plan
Weigh residents as per care plan or Registered Nurse’s instructions
Assist with rehabilitation including exercise, basic treatments and giving medications (L4 only)
Follow therapy plans (L4 only)
Provide direct support and assistance to therapists (L4 only)

The resident is accorded respect and recognition of personal worth. The Residents’ Code of Rights is met.

Ensure all residents are adequately and appropriately clothed at all times
Ensure doors, curtains and screens are used to provide maximum privacy
Use residents’ surname unless otherwise invited by the resident or representative to do otherwise
Use appropriate tone and manner when interacting with residents
Actively encourage resident to participate in decision making, especially regarding their own care
Recognise and acknowledge residents cultural and spiritual needs
Ensure resident’s privacy and comfort during visiting and / or consultations
Ensure facilitation of a pain free and dignified death by observing and reporting episodes of pain/discomfort
Give resident choices with meals, waking up, settling times, activities and where the resident spends their time
Listen to and acknowledge the resident
Try to accommodate residents’ requests for various activities during the day
Spend at least part of each day conversing with each resident about topic of resident’s choice
Encourage resident to care for another person or animal

The Care Partner is conversant with emergency procedures and can demonstrate his/her ability to use all emergency equipment effectively.

Complete fire safety workbook
Complete CPR and first aid workbook
Know how to respond to the following emergency situations:
- Fire
- Cardiac arrest
- Missing residents
- Accidents
- Earthquakes
- Poisoning
- Building/equipment breakdown
Accepts and acts on instructions promptly in the event of an emergency
Reports all incidents to the Registered Nurse


Complete required workbooks
Complete Infection Control / update annually
Use correct hand washing techniques as outlined in facility Infection Control Manual,
Always wear PPE correctly when instructed by senior clinical staff
Wear clean clothing daily
Notify Senior Registered Nurse on duty of any infection, open wounds or accidents you have during work time
Ensure a resident is safe when left unattended on commode, shower chair, toilet, in bath/shower or in any other potentially dangerous situation
Ensure all lifting; transferring or turning of residents is done by two nursing personnel, unless otherwise indicated on the care plan.
Use correct restraint
Report unsafe practices/equipment to Registered Nurse immediately

Demonstrate and maintain the following:

Effective communication skills
Company loyalty/confidentiality
Resident confidentiality
Corporate ethics
Skill as a Care partner
Personal development and ongoing education in accordance with facility policies and procedures
Enrolment in, and work towards, the National Certificate in Support of the Older Person
Supports Resident confidentiality
Good understanding of Resident’s Code of Rights
Adherence to house rules/conditions of employment
High standard of personal appearance and hygiene
Functions as a key team member
Wear name badge and clean and tidy clothing
Treat fellow workers with respect, care
Meets Performance Review Criteria annually
Participates in appraisals
Participates in Continuous Quality Improvement projects
Observe and respond to changes in people and report to RN
Recognize and describe responses, vulnerability, and abuse
Demonstrate and apply knowledge of professional and ethical behavior
and communication process theory
Describe hearing impairment
Use visual strategies for communicating with Deaf and hearing-impaired
Support a person to participate as a member of the community
Demonstrate knowledge of advocacy and self-advocacy
Support a person to meet personal care needs
Describe the ageing process and its effects on a person’s lifestyle & wellbeing
Provide support to a person whose behavior presents challenges
Respond to loss and grief
Support, mentor, and facilitate a person to maximize independence
Describe the visual system and vision impairment
Describe culturally safe principles and Pacific values
Describe interaction, supports, and reporting for people with dementia
Move a person using equipment and care for equipment
Provide comfort cares, and report changes in the condition of a person with a life-limiting condition
Describe risks, impacts, and actions for falls and minimize risk of falls
Conduct nutrition screening with, and provide education to, adult clients in an aged care facility
Conduct food service quality audits and nutrition intervention audits in an aged care facility
Support a person to develop and achieve goals
Describe a person’s nutritional requirements and feeding issues
Describe indicators of wellness, interventions, care, and support for people at different human lifespan stages
Contribute to therapeutic programs and/or groups
Apply modalities in physiotherapy as a care partner
Apply supported communication strategies
Apply safe swallowing strategies

This job listing is now closed.

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