Massage Therapist Wanted

Get visa sponsorship in Auckland CBD, Auckland as Massage Therapist Wanted. Please note that you will have to make your own enquiries with the employer directly.
This job listing is now closed.
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The ABC Spa, a Filipino-owned massage day spa in New Zealand, seeks Massage Therapists in Auckland with expertise in massage and anatomy, along with a year of experience. Successful candidates must be available to work weekends and public holidays, offering a salary between $65,750 to $66,560 per year.

Job title
Massage Therapist Wanted
Job listing closed
Auckland CBD, Auckland
Trades & Services
Full time


$65,750 – $66,560 per year
This job listing is now closed.

Inspired by the Founders’ homeland, ABC Spa is one of the first Filipino-owned and fast growing massage day spas in New Zealand. ABC Spa started its operation in 2016 and to date it has already 9 branches in New Zealand and is still growing its customer base day by day.

Massage therapists discuss clients' problems and make physical assessments, massage & knead muscles and soft tissues, and advise clients on exercise, relaxation, stretching techniques, and lifestyle needs. THIS IS FOR AUCKLAND BRANCHES.

The applicants for this position must have a basic knowledge of anatomy, musculoskeletal structure, how the human body functions, massage techniques, and equipment, and to a certain extent, some medical terms.

The applicants should have knowledge of the Ancient Filipino art of healing using massage "Hilot" or be willing to be trained to become a "Hilot" Massage Practitioner. Applicant must have at least 1 year verifiable minimum experience as a Massage therapist. Experience in a Beauty Salon is an advantage. Applicant must have a pleasing personality and have great customer service.

A "MUST" for applicants:
Must have verifiable experience as a Massage Therapist.
Must be willing to work on Weekend shifts.
Must be willing to work on Public Holidays.
Pay ranges from $65,750 to $66,560 annually with a guaranteed 40hrs weekly.
Willingness to undergo drug tests before employment and occasional tests while employed. Successful applicants must be willing to be assigned to our ABC Spa Auckland.

Principal Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following, other assignments and duties may be required:
- Massage and knead muscles and soft tissues of the body to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, or wellness maintenance.
- Seek first to understand client's condition by querying on history and possible cause of any pain, spasm, or injury.
- Determine the exact location(s) of pain or discomfort, assess the degree of muscle spasm.
- The employee will provide and administer all ABC Spa Limited services such as but not limited to relaxation massage services -- Filipino Traditional Hilot Massage, Swedish or Classic Massage, Foot and Leg Reflexology, and Body Scrubs to customers based on company standard sequence and technique.
- Use any of the above techniques to deliver relaxation massage (medium, slow-flowing) and therapeutic massage (deep pressure) to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, improve oxygen flow to muscles and ligaments.
- Provide remedial massage when necessary for problems of tissue dysfunction.
- Apply appropriate deep pressure on trigger points to release spasms and regain function, posture, and flexibility, to improve performance and help limit injury.
- The employee must be able to communicate with the client and be able to assess whether a client is reacting negatively to treatment and adjust the massage pressure accordingly, in the meantime.
- Aim to improve the general well-being and mood of the client.
- Aim to achieve relaxation and pain relief.
- Provide further advice on stretching exercises and relaxation techniques as necessary.
- Suggest, encourage, or instruct on some techniques to stay pain-free and maintain or increase flexibility/mobility.

- Above minimum wage plus additional incentive and commission on other services.
- Monthly Massage Pamper for therapists for own body wellness.
- Friendly and happy working environment.

ABC Spa is an accredited employer that can sponsor work visas for skilled and experienced massage therapists. Employer questions.

This job listing is now closed.

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